How to grow a crystal of salt ?

How to grow a crystal of salt ?

As we all know, the crystals found in nature and are able to grow to a large enough size.It turns out, the crystal can be grown on their own, at home.To learn how to grow a crystal of salt, we will in this article we'll talk.You will need a minimum of available tools and skills.

How to grow a crystal of salt

As we have said, no special chemicals for these purposes we do not need.Use plain food (table) salt.Ready crystals in this case will be a colorless, slightly translucent cubes.So, what is the process of crystal growth?We describe it step by step:

  1. Pour into a glass of water (the effect will be better if the water is distilled, but is suitable and conventional), put in a glass pan, and filled with warm water (50-60 degrees Celsius, no more);
  2. Now pour in a glass of white salt, stir well and leave for five minutes to seven.Glass, by itself, will heat and salt, in turn, dissolves;
  3. water in the pan can be a little warm up, in a glass add more salt and mix well;
  4. Repeat the previous step until the salt will not be able to dissolve.You will notice that it will be used to settle to the bottom of the glass.So you make a saturated solution of salt;
  5. salt solution is poured into another container of the same volume, throwing the residue of salt, which was formed at the bottom;
  6. now - an important point.From salt to select any large crystal and place it on the bottom of the glass with a saturated saline solution, which you have prepared.You can also hang it over the string so that the crystal does not touch the glass walls.This crystal is also called "seed";
  7. Put the glass in any location with the usual room temperature.Cover it with a cloth to protect it from dust.Once again it is better not to touch.

Within a few days you will see that the crystal starts to grow.Many people do not have the patience, and they begin to think about how quickly to grow crystals of salt to the growth process did not take so much time.It's worth knowing that if prodelyvat, at least once a week, the entire process of preparation of saturated salt solution and use the same crystal of the new solution, then it will grow much faster.

Remember that a solution must necessarily be saturated.At the bottom of your solution is always, in any case, the salt should be.This will be an indicator of the maximum saturation solution.You may be interested to know that a hundred grams of water at a temperature of twenty degrees Celsius can dissolve about 35 grams of salt.If the water temperature rises, the solubility of the salt and will grow.

Once your chip is ready, cover it with clear nail polish.This is to ensure that the water which is not evaporated in the crystal, and the crystal itself is not crumbled.Do not use, for example, lacquer furniture.This way you only mess up your crystal.

crystals can be grown at home, not only from the salt, and then they will receive a variety of colors and shades.Sugar, bluestone, bromine and so on, this is not a complete list of what can be grown crystals.