How to develop the intellect ?

How to develop the intellect ?

Intelligence - a collection of human intelligence is the ability to recognize and analyze the world, as well as the impact on the world around meaningful action.You do not have to be a genius to understand that the advanced intelligence in the modern world, it is a prerequisite for success in life.That is why it is very important to know how to develop intelligence.

intelligence Qualities

  • logic - the ability to think logically, consistently develop the idea and understand what will or that action.
  • mind flexibility - the ability to abstract from templates, to think in a new way, on their own, to impose their experience on certain situations, bring new communication objects.
  • depth thinking - the ability to highlight important information among the masses, the ability to highlight important among the minor things.
  • Curiosity - is the desire to develop, by the knowledge of all new from the outside world.
  • thinking Latitude.The ability to address the issue on a global scale, comprehensively.
  • critical thinking - the ability to soberly assess the correctness of the decisions made, and the ability to abandon the action, if they have not been properly planned, and select a new one, a sure way to solve the problem.
  • Evidence of thinking - the ability to use someone else's learning experience, patterns, and constantly reaffirm loyalty to his own thoughts.

Intelligence determined not only by genotype, ie natural person data, and human experience gained in the process of life.This means that everyone has the opportunity to become more intelligent, if you know how to develop intelligence.And therefore develop intelligence, we can and must at any age.

methods: how to develop intelligence

Since intelligence is responsible for all mental processes such as perception, cognition, analysis, thinking, remembering, making decisions and achieving goals, and to develop it is necessary to diversify:

  • Educational games,these include chess, poker, backgammon, various logic computer games, the so-called "dumalka".The effectiveness of these is enhanced by the game form of training, competition, recent further spur thinking processes.
  • learning and development.Everyone knows that education develops the intellect.By this method include any new knowledge.Besides that you will know the new training, it is still in the process of developing the memory.If you have long finished learning, it is useful to pass a refresher course, or to learn new skills, take part in workshops, learn a new language.
  • Reading, one of the variants of the new knowledge, you can read both the scientific literature and art.It depends on your tastes, do not force yourself to read what I do not like, because of this there will be little sense.
  • Occupation exact sciences develops analytical skills, logic, critical mind, conclusiveness, the depth of thinking and so on.Solving mathematical problems - this is for intelligence, as charging for the body.
  • Hobby.Enthusiasm for anything, it is an indicator of curiosity, different hobbies, allow to look at the world differently, for example, painting, music, photography, and develop flexibility of mind.

Tips: how to develop intelligence

  • Try to change your life, as reflexes are killing the ability to lather.This applies not only some physical actions, but also of intellectual activity, frequently repeated procedures become the automatism mode, and you have already stopped to think about what you are doing.Dilute chore.
  • Stop thinking patterns, act only on the basis of their own decisions, but do not dismiss the acquired experience of mankind.
  • choosing ways to develop the intellect, rely on their hobbies, as a way to be interesting to you, without interest, any development is impossible.
  • Keep a diary.This allows you to analyze your own actions and lived day in more detail.
  • involved in planning their own lives, build plans, dream, after all, it develops imagination.

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