How to make paper ?

How to make paper ?

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How to make paper?

We all use different types of paper, but not everyone knows how and from which the paper is made.So now we will explain in detail to everyone on how to make paper at home.


In order to make paper at home, you need to stock up on various scraps of paper used, and the paper-blotter sheets or newspaper.Still need water, a sponge, a blender or mixer, special screen, which you can buy or make yourself from mosquito nets and wooden frame, wide water container - a bowl or pan, piece of cloth the size of a little more of the screen.

Stages of

If you decide to learn how to make paper, you need to know that the work consists of several stages.First you need to crush the remnants of paper, breaking them into small pieces.Further, by adding a little water, the paper needs to turn in a blender slurry.You do not need to save electricity, the longer the blender will work, the less grain and more high-quality paper will.

If you wish, you can give the paper color, make it bright or wear out.This is done by conventional chemical dyes.Bleach paper by using gidroperita tablets dissolved in water and added to the paper pulp.Grow old - with filtered tea or coffee.

Further, cooked broad capacity necessary to pour warm water and add a paper pulp.All this is thoroughly mixed until smooth.And how to make beautiful paper?It is worth remembering that at this stage should be to decorate the paper.In the resulting mass can add petals, confetti or bright strings, which subsequently will be elements of the paper.

Then the work enters the frame.It needs to be very carefully submerge under water, under the water already deployed horizontally to evenly distribute the pulp and slowly pull it out of the water.It is necessary to let the water drain out, and from the grid with a sponge to remove the remaining water gently.

Now we need to spread out on a flat surface of the fabric, which lies face-down grid.Then all the excess moisture is necessary to remove the prepared sponge again.

Next, you must be very careful to separate the paper received from the grid.The sheet is dry blotter, and then put under pressure for a few minutes.Before the final drying of the paper is better to put on a well-ventilated place.If you need extra paper drying, it can be ironed iron by placing a cheesecloth.Paper is ready!

And so do the paper itself, and how the manufacturing process itself, as well as the finished result extremely happy.Now, knowing how to make paper with your hands, you can hold for relatives and friends fun workshop and teach them to make paper.