How to develop logical thinking ?

How to develop logical thinking ?

develop logical thinking is required in early childhood.The earlier a child begins to analyze and draw conclusions, the sooner it will learn to think logically, to justify their judgments, the easier it will be later in life.We'll tell you how to develop logical thinking and attention to the child in an interesting and extremely effective form of a game.Why in the game?Because any activity the child (and the man in general) should be like - only in this case it will be from the maximum benefit.

Develop attention and logical thinking

your child's development depends on 90% of you, so encourage your child to draw conclusions, evaluate these or other events, even if he expresses his opinions on these or other events, and you will be required to correct it, providingreal information about the world.For example, he sees that your dog or cat went to the bowl and eats and asks you, "Why is she doing this?" You can just answer this question, we can ask: "And what do you eat?" Or "Howdo you think? »

Thus please be patient, do not rush a child, he has to find the answer, and speed of thinking are different.By the way, the quality of thinking, it is completely independent, which is why the results of IQ-tests for the most part incorrect: they measure the speed and intelligence do not pay enough attention to its quality.A child who thinks for a long time, do not necessarily think is bad, but it certainly will learn to think faster in regular classes and patience.

Here are some examples.The child asks you in the street: "Why do trees white?" Or "Why do birds do not freeze?" Have your child first to answer this question yourself.As soon as the child learns to analyze himself seen or heard (even if at first and wrong), it will make the most important step towards the formation of a full logical thinking.About

more attention

With regard to the development of attention, here we can only help a parent account, which is not replaced by any educators and teachers.Spend with your child more time, play with him in the game (in stores today, a huge number of board games for the care of).And most importantly - remember that your child is always attentive, just his attention is not always directed to where you would like.

To correct this, simply use the usual key words: "Look", "Listen", "over there - see?", Etc.In no case do not yell at a child for inattention and not spank him, so you will only aggravate the situation.And now we go to the games, which will be able to develop your child and logical thinking and attentiveness.

games that develop logical thinking

First of all, it is, of course, chess.Nothing complicated there to teach the child how to go to the chess pieces.Most often, the complexity comes when the baby is trying to understand their interaction on the board.Some children grasp the wisdom on the fly, and someone can take many hours of play.But at the chessboard more than anywhere else it develops not only the ability to think logically, but also qualities such as attentiveness and patience.Here we should pay attention to parents that the child should not be forgiving, "yawns" figures - otherwise it will not be enough to think (all the same after all be allowed to pass).

My school chess game was tough enough: neither the father nor the mother did not allow me to go in a different way - let the hand of the figure: all the progress made.But I learned over in his mind the options, think through the consequences of a stroke - at least for one or two moves ahead.Plant your fidget for the chess board as soon as possible - it will sooner or later bear fruit.Also very useful are playing games like checkers, for example, an erudite.

In the last game you need to form words, so it will be indispensable in teaching the Russian language in a playful way.Play with your child and also in words.For example, make a big word and compete who will make of his letters more small words.So you can gradually transfer your child vocabulary.

How to develop logical thinking - another game

Do not forget about the games with the numbers, because the study of mathematics is also highly contributes to the formation of logical thinking.I will give you a game, which I dabble myself if going somewhere in public transport.Having received from the conductor a ticket, take a look at the numbers and try to add up the sum of one hundred of them.It allowed any mathematical operations (4 arithmetic, exponentiation, placement of brackets, etc.), you can not just swap numbers.

Suppose we have a ticket with the number 375027 (simply hammered figures on the keyboard at random).The first two digits can be folded: 3 + 7 = 10.And here's the rest of what you can do: 5 + 0-2 + ​​7 = 10.Now multiply scores among themselves and get 10x10 = 100.Fully all the action can be written as: (3 + 7) x (5 + 7 + 0-2) = 100.There are other ways to get these numbers from one hundred - get them with the child themselves.You can also use two-digit and three-digit numbers.In an 112,606 can get a hundred as follows: 112 - (6 + 0 + 6) = 100.

course, not a hundred can come from any combination of numbers, but how many options you will move with the child and how he learns at the same time to consider!This way I found in one of the old books with puzzles and puzzles.And I recommend you to buy one of these books or look for such tasks and puzzles on the Internet, the benefit of their now very much.

great opportunities for the development of logical thinking and also provide billiard games (Russian billiards, English snooker, American Pool) - billiards (especially in snooker) because you need to not just to hit balls, but also to plan the further conduct of the party.So it's safe to fail the child to the pool table, if there is such a possibility: in addition to the development of logical thinking, he will be able to develop and correct coordination.

Well, I think now, the question of how to develop logical thinking your baby, will not be a problem for you.And finally share with you a good site where you will find lots of interesting developing computer games for students and older - while writing the article, he hung there for a while.