How to develop memory?

How to develop memory?

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How to develop memory?

Most people are aware of the important role played by memory in our lives.After all, the development of memory has a positive effect on the processes of thinking, imagination, attention.Without this effective mental activity is not achieved.Psychologists have proved that the connection memory with intelligence does exist and develop intelligence can be just using a memory development.Highlights of our time, how to develop a child's memory, how to develop memory in adults, deserves special attention.

How quickly develop memory

There are a number of conditions, following which you will be able to develop much more efficient memory in themselves or their children.First of all take care of the well-ventilated place.Mentally work is strictly forbidden in a stuffy or smoke-filled room, because of the need sufficient oxygen in the blood to normal operation of the brain.

In addition, the body sufficient time is needed to sleep.Adult enough 7-8 hours a day, a teenager need a little more than - 9 hours.Not emptying, the brain will not work as well.

If you touch the issue of smoking, of course, a smoker develops memory will have more success than a man does not depend on tobacco and working on memory.But the work of the memory in a smoker will be slower than that of a nonsmoker.Drinking alcohol also makes remembering worse, reduces the efficiency of the brain.

How to develop memory through exercise

  1. The first exercise is to describe what specifically was your busy day yesterday by the minute.If you will be a "failure" in the memory, do something different, but after half an hour try to remember again.
  2. Take any item, inspect it carefully for 30 seconds, then close your eyes and try, as precisely as possible to reproduce it.If some items are not clearly recall, look at the object again, and then close your eyes, and so on until the full play things.
  3. If you are driving, then standing in a traffic jam on the road, use the time sensibly, try to remember standing in front of the machine, including an associative memory.For example, a car in front of you in the room with the letters "PA".Come up with a short phrase with them, such as "pirates attacking" and you better remember this letter combination.This will allow you to fix similar marks even in extreme situations.
  4. Give yourself a mental task to make a short story about a childhood friend.Try to think about it all that is possible: a general view, hairstyle, gait, a person with characteristic grimaces, special phrases, clothes.Do the same with school teachers and classmates.And you'll be amazed at how good your memory for faces.

How to develop a child's memory

  1. great exercise for the development of the child's auditory memory is playing with pairs of words.Exercise can be done, starting with pre-school age.So, make a note on a sheet of 10 pairs of words related to each other within the meaning of, for example, a chair - a table, a cat - dog fork - plate.Now, you should read these words to the kid 3 times.Be sure to highlight a couple of words with the help of intonation, not in a hurry.After a short period of time the child call the first word of the pair, while it should follow your every word to repeat it a couple.Thus, trains short-term memory, and long-term development - follow the same exercise after half an hour.
  2. How to develop tactile memory of the baby?Tie baby eyes, put his hands on different subjects.Then ask them to name items in the order in which he touched them.In this work the recognition and memorization.
  3. recommend also to develop children's visual memory.For the exercise you need to glue the 2 towers of the box.One tower will be 3 box, and the other - 4. First, put a button in one of the boxes, and the child's task - to be called, in a tower, in which the department is a button.Then it will be possible to use 2 buttons in different towers.Begin the exercise can be a child of 3 years.

to develop memory and attention, work well with pictures "Spot the Difference".Concentrate on details, striding down the street, try as quickly as possible to find things on the specific grounds, for example, a window with blue curtains.