How to make the match ?

How to make the match ?

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How to make the match?

We used to use matches and not wonder how much they simplify our lives, even though their application early man would have seemed pure magic.If you wondered how to make a match, let's consider the algorithm of their production.

manufacturing material usually create matches of combustible material, namely wood.there sulfuric head, which is responsible for the ignition at the end of a wooden stick.In addition to wood (aspen and linden) to create matches and matchboxes used wax and cardboard.

types of matches

matches themselves have hundreds of their species.They are distinguished from each other in composition, according to the principle of combustion even in color and size.For example, we can mention several types of matches, which differ from each other in appearance ignition:

  • besterochnye - easily ignited by friction on any surface;
  • scratching - the most common matches that can be ignited by friction only on a particular surface, which is called "float".

most popular types of matches are these:

  • storm - can burn in any situation, even in strong wind and in the water;
  • thermal - emit a lot of heat, such a match can even be used for soldering;
  • signal - these matches emit colored flames;
  • fireplace - for the title once it is clear that they are used for the fire ignition;
  • photographic - help to create instant flash.

manufacturing technology matches

Match has a very simple structure.It consists of a base and a head.But this does not mean that the production of these essential items easy.In the process of creating matches can note several stages:

  1. first stage all the work is to create a basis for a match.In the standard technology used aspen or pine tree.Harvested logs and painted with lime their end portions, thus avoiding the rotting wood.
  2. Prepared logs now need to clear the crust and cut it to tonyusenkie sheets that are then cut into sticks.To make a match straw, you need to spend about 60 percent of all available wood.The standard size of a match - 4.25 cm in length and 0,16-0,22 cm in thickness.Naturally, to create products of this size, it is necessary to use special equipment.The process of harvesting has some differences, it all depends on the type of matches.If the products to be manufactured with a square cross-section, the veneer is applied method.If matches are round - punching method.
  3. Preparations for the matches are now to be treated with a special chemical solution, which performs the function of fire.For example, it may be orthophosphoric acid.After harvesting dries after impregnation, one of the edges of the match is covered with paraffin, which allows a match to ignite without much effort.
  4. Now all processed matches dipped in a solution of sulfur, using a special matrix, which is a two-meter tape.This match heads are formed.Then finished the match dried.

When do the matches, parallel boxes made from large cardboard rolls.On board applied the desired pattern and so-called float - the place of which strike sharply the match.Then the board is cut and folded into boxes.They finished the match will be packed later.Here is a manufacturing process!

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