How to become a genius ?

How to become a genius ?

merit for the entire progress of our civilization belongs to men of genius.That's the genius of mankind has always moved forward, chemists, physicists, composers, artists, architects and mathematicians, as you can see, there are geniuses in every area of ​​our lives.But that means the word "genius."Genius (from Lat. Genius-spirit) in many mythologies and religions of the word "genius" meant something between spirits that determined a person's character and protected him from evil spirits.

Probably, every person on this planet ever dreamed of becoming a genius, but the flight of his imagination is always interrupting a mundane idea that geniuses are not, and are born.Is it true?Why there is a perception that a genius must be born?It is scientifically proven that the majority of children of 5-7 years are geniuses, they think and feel the world in a different way, but after this age due to the process of socialization children lose their brilliance.They remain a couple of what some talents or dispositions, but these qualities are far from the qualities of a man of genius.It is well known that men of genius have some of the same characteristics that the average person can develop yourself to become a genius or bring your level to the add-on.

Features geniuses

How to become a genius?All the known geniuses have the same highly-advanced features such as:

  1. Passion.Yes, it is, this characteristic makes ordinary people geniuses.The passion for his favorite occupation and complete devotion to him.Many geniuses forgot everything, when engaged in their favorite thing they did not do it for the recognition of the company or for the money, they did, because attitude to their work with passion.
  2. Intuition.This is a special characteristic that helps a person to feel life and make the right choices at the right time.This feature helps to reduce errors geniuses throughout life.
  3. propensity to play.In my life, genius often play with ideas, experiment with them, coming up with new combinations.This so-called imagination, if you will.Through the development of the imagination of a genius can generate a large number of different and dissimilar ideas.
  4. pursuit of knowledge.Geniuses are among the most inquisitive people.They always try to learn something new and never rest on their laurels.Every day should bring something new, otherwise you will not be a genius.
  5. restlessness.This characteristic, which makes genius constantly try something new and be open to the world.They expect more from themselves than other people, so the geniuses are always trying to create something new.

How to become a genius of your own?How to be a computer genius?All these questions one answer.Purposeful work on the development of a the above qualities.Every day of hard work over a small step would be to your goal.If you read the biography of any of geniuses, it is clear that these people are very different from other ordinary people.Most geniuses had a narrow circle of friends, they rarely shared his thoughts were too immersed in the work, not weeks out of their apartments, in which they worked.That is, these people refused most ordinary pleasures of life, since all of this distracts them from the hard work of love.So before you think about how to become a genius, just think whether you are ready to sacrifice relationships with their friends, family and the outside world in general, in order to become a real genius.