How to extract iron ?

How to extract iron ?

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How to extract iron?

Iron - an essential chemical element in the periodic table;metal, which is used in a variety of industries.Extract it from iron ore, which lies in the bowels of the earth.

How to extract iron: how

There are several ways of iron ore.The choice of method will depend on the location of the deposits, the depth of the ore and other factors.

Iron mined both open and closed method:

  1. When you select the first method, you must ensure supply of all necessary equipment directly to the very field.Here with it and will build a career.Depending on the width of the ore occurrence careers may be of different diameter and up to 500 meters in depth.This method of production of iron ore is suitable if the mineral resource is shallow.
  2. More common still is a way to a closed iron ore.In the course of his digging deep wells, shafts up to 1000 m deep, the sides of which delve branching (corridors) - drifts.They lowered the special equipment, through which the ore is removed from the ground and rises to the surface.Compared with open, closed method of production of iron ore is much more dangerous and costly.

After removal of ore from the bowels of the earth, it is loaded on a special lifting machines that deliver ore to the processing plant.

processing iron ore

Iron ore - a rock, which is composed of iron.To further forward in the iron industry, it is necessary to obtain from the rock.For this breed of stone pieces of smelted iron itself, and do so at very high temperatures (up to 1400-1500 degrees).

usually extracted rock is made up of iron, carbon and impurities.It is charged into blast furnace and heated, and coal itself maintains a high temperature, and thus acquires iron liquid consistency, after which it is poured into various shapes.Thus separated slag and iron is very clean.