How to extract oil ?

How to extract oil ?

Oil - black gold is the nation.It is due to the oil humanity has a fuel for cars, airplanes and ships.not only gasoline is produced from crude oil, diesel and kerosene, gas mixture (propane and butane).Also, the oil used in the production of various building materials and rubber.oil is also used for the manufacture of lubricants and oils."Black gold" is used in the manufacture of detergents.This is not a complete list of the application of oil, this is truly a very sought-after commodity today.In order to get all the necessary and essential substances, it is necessary to know where and how the oil is extracted.

oil Finding

Before obtaining oil comes complicated and lengthy process at the location of deposits of this fluid.Companies that produce oil, use a special technique used by geologists services.But no matter how much computing using the finest technology and the great minds or conducted, to know for certain where the oil is simply impossible.In order to find oil, conduct soil studies, which do not always succeed.Before you find oil, they make a lot of "blank" wells.To find a suitable industrial scale well, it is possible to drill up to 200 wells, located right next to the deposits of "black substance".This lottery is not always justified.Service workers and all the equipment for the drilling cost a lot, you can lose a lot of money before you find a "gold mine."The main thing to find - a place that focuses on the so-called "traps".These are the places in which accumulates oil (gas), thanks to a certain structure of the Earth's interior.You could say it's a kind of seizure under the ground where the oil flows.If such a place is detected, there is getting better extraction of the desired substances.

Ways oil

  • mechanized method.When the source is found, it requires special system for extracting oil from the ground.With the help of a drill hole drilled.Before installing the equipment, measure the distance directly to the most oil deposits.Then, at a depth where concentrated deposits held pipe through which oil should go upstairs.In this system of tubes is placed pump.It is connected to the transformer, and feeds that energy to work.This transformer is on the ground.From it held a long cable, which is connected to the pump.During the entire process must be carefully monitored.Therefore, near the entire power supply system in the pump constantly have people who manage the process.A system that is placed in the well through the pipes consists of the pump, tubes and special motor.With this oil pump has to climb out of the well.Here's how to pump oil with the help of technology.
  • second method - a fountain.The method is applied without any additional expenses for machinery.The oil moves to the surface via formation of natural energy when exposed to some of the equipment, and in some cases even without it.The fact that oil is under tremendous pressure earth formations.And if to punch her way, she will start certainly beat fountain.Pressure oil is so great that it can form a fountain, even at the slightest touch to drill it covers the upper reservoir.Hole to be drilled, at the surface of the substrate establish special fittings.Thanks to this technique, a fountain of oil can be adjusted (to enhance, reduce, stop).And very well in the distance location of deposits is lowered a special column.It consists of pumps and pipes.under their pressure oil makes its way to the outside, where it is collected in containers.When oil pressure drops (depending on the amount of its reduction in the ground), the valve removed.In its place establish mechanisms that will continue to collect the "black gold".