How to extract the ore ?

How to extract the ore ?

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Nowadays all production is dependent on mining.To produce, for example, any electronic device, you need to get plenty of resources out of the ground.The most popular resource today is oil, but a variety of ores are not far behind in popularity, because metals are always required for any production.Without them, it would not machines, buildings, and many other things.However, few people know how to extract iron ore in our time.

Consider this interesting question together.

As mined ore in our time

Ore - a tricky business in which it is necessary to delve into the earth strata and find deposits of various metals and minerals.Before the production itself, first find the desired location, where the ore deposits.After that, he begins production process that is carried out in two ways:

  1. open pit ore.
  2. Closed ore mining.

Consider these two methods, their advantages and disadvantages in detail.

open pit ore

Currently dominated by the open method of mining.It is more secure than a closed manner.

Outdoor extraction method is preferred, if in place of ore finding no solid rocks and minerals of the earth, which could significantly interfere with production and no settlements and communication systems.

There are five types of open ore production:

  • Surface method is characterized by the total output of overburden and minerals, all to be discovered.Overburden dump waste in the area of ​​career.
  • Depth development - is the development of overburden and ore staggered layers down.
  • Nagorno type of production is typical for the highlands, where it is better to place waste rock on the lower level of the top down.
  • Nagorno-depth way of developing suitable only for very complex mountainous terrain.
  • underwater method.If minerals are on the bottom of the reservoir, which can not be pre-scoop, this method is used the production of ore.

Before starting work, you must loosen the soil.If the development will take place on the mountain soil, then use explosives for crushing stone soil.

After extraction of ore transported to its transport to the factories and other customers.

In this case the quarrying of ore economical closed, but will be a significant change in the landscape and the formation of giant pits.

Closed ore mining

This method is used when it is necessary not to change the landscape of the surface, and it is necessary to carry out a network of tunnels under it and extract the ore.Closed method has been used for centuries and continues to occur in our time, especially in the highlands.However

indoor ore extraction method is more expensive and less safe for workers, because mine can always unexpectedly collapse and burying the miners.Besides spending a lot more resources to the construction of the mine and deliver ore to the surface.

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