How to extract the salt?

How to extract the salt?

many foods you can find a replacement easily.Even bread can be replaced.Without salt impossible to do.It is the only product that simply can not be replaced.Man can not live without salt.Many studies have shown that no salt in the human body stops digestion and metabolism does not occur.Any living creature dies, if there is no salt in the required quantities.

Fortunately, our nature has a huge stock of common salt (halite).For example, the countries of the former Soviet Union include more than one hundred fields, in which there are more than a hundred billion tons of salt.A natural resources even more.

salt mining

So let's look at how to extract salt and how this process occurs.Salt extraction is always considered to be hard work.At the beginning of the last century, this was done manually.But in the twenties shovels, pickaxes and wheelbarrows have replaced cutting machines, salt harvesters and diggers.To date, there are several ways of salt production:

  • pool (sedimentary)
  • in a salt mine
  • vacuum
  • mine

pool method used today, but now it is mechanized for the most part.In autumn by the sea dug a relatively small body of water that the ditch is filled with sea water.Water remains in the ditch until settle until clay, sand and stones.Then it descends into the next pool, and in the spring - in another.All this time, the evaporation of water and the salt concentration increases with each passing day.At the end of last summer, the pool has a bulk layer of salt, which is then dragged out (shovel) using soleuborochnyh harvesters.Extracted salt is placed in a specially designed hummocks, which reach heights of 10-15 meters.Rainwater washes those hills, bringing all unnecessary himsoedineniya.

One of the places where salt is mined in salt mines, is the lake Baskunchak.In this case, use the salt panning harvesters.Within an hour, a harvester can produce and ship the cars in about three hundred tons of salt.His appearance resembles a two-storey car harvester.He moves on rails, which are installed directly on the salt layer.Upstairs there is a control panel, and below is a powerful cutter (baking powder dense salt).The salt was then mixed with water and the resulting mixture is sent to a special chamber.The water which is separated from the salt crystals, and then washed and immersed in railway carriages, drives up to the rails installed on the harvester.And hence the salt is directed to the mill.

mining method mined salt in the bowels of our Earth.She appeared there a long time and eventually became solid (stone) and monolithic.But as a result of high temperatures and pressures, it becomes plastic salt, pliable material.During heating, it expands on the order more than other surrounding rocks and eventually rises to the top.In the process of "floating" to the ground, the huge salt arrays are bent and pushing the layers that are found on their way.Thus, a large mountain salts formed underground.This mountain is called salt dome.They can be found in the North German and the Dnieper-Donets Basin, in the Caspian region, etc.Many salt mines use powerful electric excavators, cutting machines, self-propelled drilling rigs, mining combines (the most reliable mining equipment) and electric locomotives.

Our best food salt "Extra" is produced solevarochnyh plants, using a vacuum process.The thickness of our salt, which lies under the ground, fresh water is injected via wells.As a result, the salt dissolves, and hydrochloric top comes already brine.At first it is purified and then brine sent to the chamber, and in which a vacuum (negative pressure).If the pressure is much lower than atmospheric pressure, then brine and starts to boil at low temperatures.It then evaporates and the salt crystals begin to precipitate.They are then, in a centrifuge, separated from the water.And thus, mined table salt, which has a fine grinding, known to us as "Extra."

More than 25 million years ago, were the most famous and large salt deposits.These zones are located in the Caspian lowlands, in the Urals and the Donbas.For example, salt formations, capacity of which is 50 meters, can be found in the field Artem (Donbass).It is in this zone of salt production is one of the largest in the world.After the seizure of our salt, underground began to form high and spacious caves, which are very reminiscent of the fabulous Crystal Hall.

Salt production in Russia, and not only there, is capacious and painstaking process.From the quantity and quality of salt extract, it depends the life of all living organisms on Earth.That is why you need to appreciate this product and treat it quite carefully.