How to become normal ?

How to become normal ?

In modern conditions of life of many lacked tranquility - stress, fatigue, increased irritability fuss about.Man becomes not quite adequate, easily breaks down on others, moves quickly into conversation with an even tone to the harsh and rough.It is not surprising that such behavior is considered abnormal and frightening.

How to become a normal, calm and adequate person?It will take a comprehensive approach.

Is there a problem?No problem!

Many of our experiences are without a material base and swollen from the smallest detail.Stop and take a look at the situation differently, in a new way.Is it all bad?Imagine that you will feel after ten years - probably you already forget that you are so worried.

There is a problem - a solution

Instead of worrying once again and take it out on the other, make a plan - how to solve the problem.And just do it.Any complexity - this is just a new experience and the opportunity to survive and become stronger.


meditation In a particularly busy days carve out 10-15 minutes to meditate a bit.This is a great way to feel calm inside.Just sit down, as you are comfortable, or lie slightly outstretched arms and legs, and begin to breathe deeply and slowly.Attention should be focused precisely on the breath.Breathing, and so for 10 minutes - or more, at your discretion.This will distract you from the problems will dissipate the anger, irritation, resentment, anxiety and other emotions adversely.

Yoga, running, swimming - choose

most beautiful way to become calmer and more cheerful - physical activity.Yoga is similar to meditation - allowing negative emotions to work.It is useful to learn under the guidance of coach most simple asanas to practice them in daily life.Running recharge and soothe the nerves.Recorded in the pool, you get a lot of pleasant experiences and have a benefit to your health.

time for yourself

At the end of each day's highlight at least half an hour - only for themselves.You deserve it.Do what you pleasure and joy.For example, this may be your hobby, drinking tea with his family, a warm bath by candlelight, a walk before going to bed or the same meditation.Do not neglect these moments - and you can always remain calm.

If you really want someone to shout, quickly take 10 deep breaths.Dust should be extinguished.To smile, be friendly to people - it will bring you more joy, than staying in an irritated state.Then no one will call you abnormal.To learn how to be a good person, you can read in this article, and more useful material can be found in the category Personal development.