How to become an excellent student ?

How to become an excellent student ?

In any class there is always a achievers, who demonstrate excellent results in all subjects.Also among the classmates will always be guys that the curriculum could seriously be given for different reasons.However, each student has the potential, which, if desired, and persistence can always uncover.Later in the article are some ways in which details how to become an excellent student.

prioritization and planning

If you have firmly decided to take up his studies and become an excellent student in the first place should be allocated more time to study at home.If at the time of the decision you have a few items on which things are particularly matter, try every day to allocate several hours for in-depth study of difficult-to material.Self-discipline - is that you first have to master.priorities should be to place to achieve this goal.Have courage to overcome the desire to spend a few free hours for a walk with friends or play on the computer and instead sit down for textbooks.Only hard work can achieve results.

Make a detailed schedule for the week and plan to explore objects, select abstruse discipline and try every day at least an hour to give their study.

Positive attitude

Psychologists say that many potentially capable students get good grades prevents low self-esteem.The belief that you can not learn any subject, as well as the fear of the teacher can significantly affect the training.We must realize that both in school and in the future, at a university or at work, you not only understand, and good people will always be met.It is important to keep a positive attitude within yourself.Each student is able to demonstrate excellent results.We need only to believe in themselves and to work.


Become an excellent student in school is impossible without a serious approach to homework.It is the nature of our education system.Many carelessly refer to the oral tasks, and yet this is an extremely important aspect in learning new material.Learn the lessons learned in 45 minutes is impossible.To all said the teacher deposited in the memory, it is necessary to repeat a theme and work it yourself.

Try to perform the task on the same day in which it is set.Then the obtained information in the classroom does not have time to relax and it will be easier to digest, so you do not have to keep coming back to it.

Do not try to memorize the lesson as rote phrases from the book will not help in solving the problems of the control.Several times carefully read the rule, or theorem, you try to understand it in detail, to understand how to apply it.

Do not be afraid to ask questions

Usually teacher's question: "All clear" students meet friendly nodding, and then on their own or control the work it turns out that most of the class did not understand the material covered.Never hesitate to ask if something is not clear.Questions - not a sign of stupidity and the desire to understand the material.Most teachers will be happy to questions and that their lessons are listening.

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