What are the Bushes ?

What are the Bushes ?

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What are the bushes?

The most common shrubs are plants, perennials, which reach heights of 6 meters.Trees, shrubs differ from that basically have the main central bore.

What are the shrubs are found on the territory of Russia?In central Russia grows about 70 species of shrubs.It's like "indigenous people" of forests, and adapted or acclimatized species.Shrubs are widely used in the garden of the farm as ornamental plants, hedges, etc.

coniferous shrubs

to this type of plant are:

  • Juniperus - low coniferous evergreen;..
  • Juniper horizontal - conifer plant with small needles, creeping along the ground;
  • Thuja occidentalis - evergreen shrub, similar to a small tree;
  • Spirea Vangutta - coniferous shrub with different shades of needles.

If you want to garden or courtyard looked smart in both summer and winter, the choice in favor of evergreen conifers obvious.These shrubs - the wealth of the Russian flora, they grow in the wild, forming undergrowth coniferous forests, and quite successfully cultivated in the garden and park complexes.Find out more information about the plants growing in the forest zone, it is possible from our article What plants in the forest.

Ornamental shrubs

Bushes decorative values ‚Äč‚Äčcultivated in Russia:

  • Clematis - climbing plant with large purple flowers;
  • Hydrangea - a large shrub with buds, colored in shades from pink to blue (the color depends on the acidity of the soil);
  • Black elderberry - ornamental shrub with white inflorescences;
  • Yellow and black locust - ornamental shrubs with white or yellow flowers that smell good.

Garden shrubs

There are also shrubs grown in the gardens:

  • Black and red currant - bush up to 1 meter, which gives the harvest of black and red berries;..
  • Gooseberry - 1-1.5 m bush fruits berries green or red;
  • raspberry - grows in the forest and garden berries, fruits drupe red or yellow;
  • Sea buckthorn - bush with large thorns, fertile small orange berries.

Forest shrubs

Among forest shrubs are the following:

  • Hazel - bush height of 1.5-2 m, tree, fruit - nuts;.
  • Berberis vulgaris - spreading shrub, reaching a height of 2.5 m The fruits are rich in vitamin C.
  • Blueberries -. Shrubs or woody bushes height not exceeding 2 m fruiting small blue berries with a whitish bloom.