What happens if you bring a vacuum cleaner to the eye ?

What happens if you bring a vacuum cleaner to the eye ?

Hopefully, your interest in what will happen if you bring a vacuum cleaner to the eye, a purely theoretical.And you will be satisfied with the answer without having to practical testing.In general, the article is aimed at informing the alleged character, rather than propaganda.

Hold the vacuum cleaner to the eye: the consequences

The author is not engaged in the practical test questions.You have given this request, and therefore the consequences of answering only to you.We only argue, make guesses, conjectural variations outcome.

If you just bring the vacuum cleaner to the eyes, the vacuum cleaner will be nothing.What is the eye?Depends on bring to the eye included a vacuum cleaner on and off.In the second case, of course, nothing will probably (depending on how you bring).There is a fuzzy vision of a vacuum cleaner.

possible, the consequences depend on to what power the suction vacuum cleaner is turned on.Probably, at the minimum power is an unpleasant burning sensation and dryness.You will feel the vibration of the thin skin around the eyes, or rather its commitment to cleaner pipe.

high probability of dirt and dust in the eye and, as a consequence, infection, inflammation, etc.trouble.The outcome of this - another topic, but it is worth considering.Incidentally, the more the likelihood of such an outcome, if you bring a vacuum cleaner to the eye included in the blowing mode.

a present to the eye of a vacuum cleaner at a higher power, will certainly cause even more discomfort, dryness, sense of bulging eyes.

Generally, most likely in the body of work of self-preservation mechanism and reflexively eyes closed, and therefore questionable idea that with the help of the remaining eyes you will look first in a garbage bag.Moreover, the eye is not just closed, and closed his eyes, clenched, because the body will not let so easy to give up.And if with Her head's all right, do not allow to bring this idea into reality.If you manage to keep your eyes closed quietly (not zazhmurivaya), you will experience a pulling century.By the way, because the dirt gets in there and, after the vacuum cleaner will tighten all the dust around.