What is a tree?

What is a tree?

What is a tree from the point of view of biology?What it has a structure which kinds of trees are there?This will be discussed further.

Wood: basic characteristics

begin with, that we define the word "tree".What is a tree?The dictionary defines it as a perennial plant, which has a solid trunk and branches coming out of it, forming a crown.

tree structure represented by three elements: the root, stem, crown.


In most cases, this part of the tree is under the ground, but there are also so-called "aerial roots", which are located above the ground and perform functions similar to those of leaves (see. Below).Root key objective is the absorption of nutrients, moisture from the soil and their subsequent transfer into the barrel.Furthermore, the plant roots help hold upright.The roots of some trees have tremendous length (100 meters), the depth to which its roots can easily reach up to 30 meters.


It is not only the support of the crown, but also the link between the roots and the crown with which she receives nutrients and moisture.Sam trunk consists of a core of wood and which has the ability to grow into, forming a so-called "annual rings" (there are no trees at all) - Lots of dark and light colors, which are clearly visible at the cross-section of the trunk.As it is possible to determine the age of a tree.Basically, the annual rings are characterized by perennial trees that grow in temperate latitudes.It covers the trunk bark.


It consists of branches extending from the trunk and leaves growing on them.For the analysis of the crown use the concept of its form (eg, Crohn's may be spreading) and density (may be dense, temperate, rare).The leaves through the process of photosynthesis, the formation of organic compounds from carbon dioxide and water.


trees Depending on the type of leaves isolated:

  • Conifers.The leaves are needle-shaped or scaly tough having the property year round to maintain rich green color and distinctive bright flavor (you can feel the stretch your leaf in his hand).Changing leaves although there is, but it is not as noticeable as that of deciduous trees.Conifers are changing their leaves gradually throughout life.In addition to leaves, buds or grow juniper berries on these trees.As for what kind of plants are called coniferous trees, it is, for example, cypress, spruce and pine, larch, redwood.
  • Deciduous trees.Their leaves are much wider than those of conifers.Older leaves turn yellow in the fall and then fall off (deciduous trees like "go to sleep" for the winter), is being replaced by a new spring comes.Among this kind of fruit trees isolated species, such as apple, cherry, pear, apricot.

In addition, isolated exotic trees - they grow in tropical countries.This, for example, avocado, baobab tree, Hevea, Durian, cocoa and so on.There are also trees which wood is valued particularly highly.This, for example, rosewood, zebrawood, boxwood, wenge, cherry, ebony, Karelian birch, merbau, rosewood, and so on.This wood is used to make furniture, decorative items (figurines, boxes, dishes), interior doors, parquet.There are such products is very expensive, and therefore are elite status.

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