How to look like mushrooms ?

How to look like mushrooms ?

in our forests is quite common this type of fungi.Honey mushrooms often grow in huge colonies.For edible wild mushrooms are mushrooms with the name of a real, or autumn, winter and summer.And still there and meadow mushrooms.To eat them you can both fried, boiled, steamed and salted, pickled and dried.As a general rule, use only the cap as overly rigid and thin legs from Armillaria.We can say even woody.

phenology was observed that currently, ie autumn honey agaric growing quite rapidly.By the end of the day 2 stipe reaches 5 cm, diameter 2 cm cap reaches. These mushrooms rich in vitamins C and B1, as well as excellent withstand transportation.

How are mushrooms "bad»

Honey mushrooms are not just edible.Among the fungi there is also poisonous.The most common of honey agaric - a brick-red lozhnoopenok and sulfur-yellow lozhnoopenok.To distinguish them from the edible you can smell, color, hats and plates underneath the legs and structure.Leg in honey agaric inedible without a ring, and on the leg of edible mushrooms is like a skirt.

What is Armillaria mellea in reality

Autumn estimates of location is also called the present.Most of these mushrooms occur from August to October, and more specifically during the cold snap.These mushrooms grow on dead wood, stumps.Sometimes they grow on the trunks of living trees, with a pretty actively destroying the bark of a tree.It is for this reason that mushrooms are parasites of trees.These fungi affect 236 species of shrubs, trees and some herbaceous plants.But for mushroom picker is simply luck - meet on the way almost dead tree with an army of honey agaric.At such moments, and it ends with a hike mushroom picker - a circle around the tree and a basket full of mushrooms.And then the two baskets.Sometimes mushrooms climb so high that you can reach them only to a very long stick.

How does the fungus mushrooms actually

Hat Armillaria can be 3 to 10 centimeters and remind saucer.Young mushrooms is peculiar beautiful domes that adorn the hump in the middle.Usually hat is yellow-brown color and covered with numerous dark scales.Dark yellow or yellowish-lightish rare records peacefully located under the bonnet.The flesh of the fungus looks like a loose white mass with a pleasant smell and taste sour, astringent.The stem can reach 0.8-1 cm at a thickness of 7-10 cm in height.Sometimes the leg and can be more dense - up to 1.5 cm, which thickens to the ground and crumble brownish brownish small scales and persistent white membranous ring.