How did life on Earth ?

How did life on Earth ?

It's no secret that the eternal question of when life began on Earth, always worried about not only scientists, but also to all people.In this article we will try to skim all the theories origin of all life on our planet.We will try to sort through the stages of its development and describe what has been the history of life on Earth

origin of life on Earth in science

From a scientific point of view there are several versions of the origin of life.Consider how did life on Earth According to the scientists, who for many centuries struggle with this mysterious matter, putting forward new hypotheses.

  • theory says that life originated in a piece of ice.Pretty ridiculous idea, but anything is possible.Some of the scholars think that is there in the air, carbon dioxide is supplied to maintain greenhouse conditions, others believe that the earth was a permanent winter season at the time.
  • science that studies the origin of life on Earth - biology.It adheres to Charles Darwin's theory.He and his contemporaries believed that life began in the water obrazovalatsya.This theory is followed by the majority of scientists and now.Organic substances delivered water flowing into it, were able to build up in the right quantities, in a closed and relatively shallow body of water.Further, these compounds are more concentrated on the inner surfaces of the layered minerals.They could be catalysts for reactions.
  • Water - the source of life on Earth for all living creatures on earth - human, plant and animal life.It is extremely important and expensive resource on our planet.All waters of the earth are in constant relationship with the rocks and the atmosphere.Water cleans itself thanks to the continuous run, which supplies the existence in our land.Ancient and universal symbol of fertility, purity is water.The man is 80% water, animals and plants na75% 89- 90% of total body weight.Water - an indispensable product because it is the basic building material for the human body.It is much more valuable than iron, gas, coal and oil.Without water to life on earth could never have arisen nor maintained and nothing at all could not exist.Water - it is life itself.
  • And suddenly, there was life in the areas of volcanic activity?Immediately after the formation of the Earth was a fire-breathing ball of magma.With the gases released from the molten magma in the earth's surface imposed multiple chemicals needed for the synthesis of organic molecules - this happened during volcanic eruptions.

origin of life on earth in

religion Consider how life began on earth in terms of religion.Another hypothesis about the origin of life on Earth, can be explained in different religions.Consider Christian:

main dogma of the creation of all living things in Christianity is the phrase "creation out of nothing" in the way the Creator God acts in his volitional action.The Lord in this case being presented and the root cause.However, God did not have to create the world, it is not defined there is no "internal use" to the divine essence.It was his free choice, a gift to humanity "from the superabundance of love."The path and the steps for creating the world described in the first three chapters of Genesis.

main stages of life on Earth

about the history of life on earth, you can talk endlessly.This topic is quite broad and immense, we list only the main stages of the origin of life:

  • Life originated in the sea.
  • existence of the simplest marine organisms.
  • The seas there are multicellular living creatures
  • The seas there are numerous invertebrates.Among the invertebrates we find the ancestors of modern mollusks and arthropods.
  • nascent first marine vertebrates armored, modern fish.Life develops in emerging areas of land.The first settlers are: fungi, bacteria, mosses and small invertebrate animals, followed by amphibians.
  • Earth is covered by powerful forests of ferns and other plants that have disappeared in our time.There are insects.
  • origin of reptiles.
  • Era reptiles, animals also apply in the seas.Some species reach a considerable size.
  • There are mammals and birds.Apply the first flowering plants.There are the first angiosperms.
  • of endangered dinosaurs and other large reptiles.
  • Mammals spread throughout the land, displacing the reptiles, the amount of which decreases rapidly.
  • nascent various types of mammals: carnivores, bats, and the ancestors of present-day apes and humans.Nascent herbivores.
  • Some mammals inhabit the sea.For example: whales.
  • There grandparent human - Australopithecus.
  • Disappear some large mammals.Man becomes the absolute owner of the land.

Now you know how to look in the ancient Earth.Life without people was quite different.