How many people can not eat?

How many people can not eat?

Most people experience extreme discomfort when skip at least one meal.But there are among us those people who can go without food for a long time, without feeling any discomfort.But if you do not eat food 12 hours and then the feeling will be very unpleasant.After a long fast is difficult to come to the physical condition, which was earlier, this process takes some time.Therefore, it is not necessary immediately after the fast overload the stomach, it is better to start with small portions, gradually increasing their volume.

How many live without eating?

How long can a person live without eating, depends on many factors.Doctors say that a normal healthy person can live without food for about two months, but he definitely need to drink water, as dehydration, he may die within 5-7 days.How many people live without food depends on his state of health, weight, willpower and climatic conditions.

Sure, people in good physical shape can do without food for a long time, but in the body must be in a good supply of fat.The human body transforms food and leaves a reserve carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which, if necessary, splits into energy.When he uses all its reserves, the body no longer receives the energy and nutrients, thus begins to die.

What happens to the body?

When fasting the body is a lot of new processes.The body goes on internal security and use for the life of the fat reserves first and then goes to the muscle.At this time, significantly reduced metabolism, all reactions are slowed body.When exposed during the fasting person cold climate and stressful condition or viral infections calorie consumption increased by several times.

to longer do without a meal, a person needs to have large fat reserves, less use of energy and be in good physical condition.After fasting person may experience some discomfort when eating.After a while, the body gets used and will continue to respond normally to incoming food.

Who will live longer without food?

most accurate answer to the question of how many people live without food, it is about 20-25 days, if we are talking about a man who has a body mass of 70 kg.Women and older people can live without food for a little more.According to statistics, the first to die without food for young people aged 15-17 years, then men after them elderly, and the latest women die.

Death usually occurs during fasting, when the loss of its own weight is 30-40%.Yet there are exceptions among the laws.Known such case, which was a record, "Guinness World Records", where the woman lived in Africa without food 102 days.Some people can survive without food for 50 days, and some are already killed on the 15th day.Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to all the factors of the organism and the effects of the environment before you calculate how many people can not eat.