How to make a thesis ?

How to make a thesis ?

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How to make a thesis?

At the end of the period of study at the university student wrote his thesis.It displays research.The diploma is prepared on the basis of the knowledge of the chosen specialty, as well as the application of these knowledge in practice.Requirements for writing diploma:

  1. necessary to show the importance of the theme, to give examples of its prospects, show the relevance in modern science.
  2. should be referred to the literature for writing the diploma on the subject.
  3. Description of the studied subject of history, as the position of the question in today's reality.
  4. detailed study of the issue, marking a distinct purpose, research methods should be chosen correctly, the analysis made by the same research should be described accurately and in detail.

Making thesis

The way you form a thesis, will directly depend on the result of its protection.Special Commission evaluates how your overall literacy, as well as consistent, logical presentation of your research.Work must conform to generally accepted standards and rules.Carry the essence of the scientific findings, while still having charge of your theme list of the literature, as well as application.


Plan How to make a thesis is correct, the interest of each student to whom such a problem arises.The beginning of the writing operation should be preceded by work on writing a plan.

sample design and content of the thesis looks like this:

  • Introduction and first chapter (for a review of the theoretical aspects of the thesis topic).
  • second chapter - a practical study of the issue (theoretical chapter of the practical is different in the sense that the practical part is analyzed on the example of the current organization.) In this part of the required calculations, the indicators obtained during the practice.
  • The third chapter is subject to the consideration of the prospects, the development and improvement of the subject matter.It is necessary to identify problems and solutions.
  • In conclusion, it should issue a diploma correctly.Starting from the title page, then review the head, and then reviewing, then executed the abstract, then the content of the work, and finally, the introduction.

to registration

requirements According to the established GOST graduate work must meet a number of parameters.Diploma, decorated to the mark indicates that the student has not wasted time in educational institutions.

the font, margins,

intervals proverbial «Times New Roman» - perfect for standard font, no experiments and exotic options like «Book Antique».The diploma must be printed in standard font, size 12, for example 14. The interval between the lines is also important, choose one and a half.Fields: Lower, verhniy- 20 mm, right - 10 mm, left - 30 mm (for stitching).Align the text in width.The names of the tables are written above the tables.In the far right corner of the stamped number: "Table 1".

Numbering pages, literature, footnotes, table of contents

numbering is necessary, it is put on all pages, starting from the third (introduction).The figures are placed in the center of the bottom.Drawing up the list of references - unloved for many students work item.Allowed two options to inform the diploma about what literature was used: listing alphabetically or semantically.Do not overlook details such as the author's name, the name (spelled without the quotes, with a capital), place of issue, if specified, print year, the number of pages (indicated by the last numbered).For example: Barashkin EL History of the Middle Ages M .: Education, 2000. - 344 p.

If the article is used as a source, indicated not only the authorship, and the name of the publication in which it was published.For example: Ivanov SK Tripoli culture / Mysteries of History, 1996, №5.S. 21-23.Properly documented footnotes as follows: specified bottom of the page, or at the end of the general text.

indicated in the table of contents: sections, subsections, introduction, conclusion, literature, application.In the introduction and conclusion, as a rule, is given on pages 3-5.

approximate volume of thesis - 60-90 pages.


Note that for each specialty has its own guidelines for registration.Be sure to take the manuals in their department, to avoid potential misunderstandings in normative control.Remember that normative control is the last stage of testing, but it is very difficult to graduate.

order to formalize the title page of the thesis is correct, read the article How to make a title page.

Examples of guidelines on registration of the thesis can be found here and here.