How to pay Tricolor through the terminal ?

How to pay Tricolor through the terminal ?

Qiwi terminals have become so commonplace that it is difficult to recall a time when they were not.They are very convenient, because you can make payments at any time.Options apparent terminal, but other than that a pleasant voice prompts the next action in case a loss and something to forget.

Pay through Qiwi can be completely different services.If the problem is how to pay Tricolor through the terminal, then it makes it easy.The main thing that should be considered before you count the bills, - take into account the percentage of commission.Priplyusuet amount of fees to the amount of payment and write total figure.Fee will be calculated automatically, and your payment will take place at the desired amount.

process payment

Qiwi main menu open all the time.

  • We need to find the button "TV".If not, then click the option "Search", which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • When the desired button with the inscription "Tricolor TV" will be found, click on it.
  • Now you need to find the service you need to pay.If it does not, click on the "+ Add Tights".
  • It's time to dial the number of the contract or monthly fee number of the receiver.Then - "Forward" button.
  • again press "Next" After confirming the correctness of the data.
  • Slowly enter the desired amount.Make sure that the bills were not frayed or mashed, such machine may be "jammed" and they will be lost in its depths.
  • After all the bills accepted by the terminal, is to press the last button - "Pay".
  • The final action of the machine will be the issuance of the receipt of payment.

Here's how to make a payment through the Tricolor TV terminal.You can safely go about their business.Do not forget that the terminal does not give the date, carefully check the notes and the required amount.

payment convenience via the terminal Qiwi acceptable for Tricolor TV subscribers by the fact that these terminals are usually in public places where there are round the clock access.This means that you can pay for services at any time.In addition, the payment will be credited to your subscriber account almost instantly.