What is the color of the planet ?

What is the color of the planet ?

Color planet depends largely on the composition of the substances of which it consists.That is why the planet look different.Constant research in the field of space let you receive all the new data on the color of the planet of the solar system.Implemented search space bodies outside.

the solar system is the color

not so many planets in the solar system.Some of them were calculated by physicists and mathematicians before the advent of modern telescopes.A subsequent development of astronomical science and technology and to identify possible to see the colors of the planets of the solar system.

So, in order:

  • Mercury - the planet of gray.Color defined lack of air and water, there is only rock.
  • Next is the planet Venus.Its color is yellowish-white, the color of the clouds enshrouding the planet.Clouds - product hydrochloric acid fumes.
  • Earth - blue, light blue planet with a veil of white clouds.The color of the planet is largely determined by water cover.
  • «Red Planet» Also known as Mars.In fact, he red-orange.According to the color of desert soil with lots of iron.
  • Large Liquid ball - Jupiter.Its main color is orange-yellow with the presence of color bands.Colors are formed by clouds of ammonia and ammonium gas.
  • Saturn - pale yellow, as the color is formed by clouds of ammonia, under the clouds of ammonia liquid hydrogen.
  • light blue color has Uranus, but unlike Earth's color is formed by methane clouds.
  • Green Planet Neptune, but rather it is a shade of blue, as Neptune's twin Uranus and Neptune color is determined by the presence of clouds of methane, and its surface is darker due to the distance from the sun.
  • Pluto, because of the presence of dirty methane ice on the surface, has a light brown color.

there any other planet

Astrologers and astrophysicists for decades engaged in the exploration and discovery of exoplanets.So we call a planet outside the solar system.Actively helping the telescopes located on the Earth's orbit, which makes the pictures and try to give an accurate representation of the color of the planet still exists.The main objective of these works - to find in the cosmic silence habitable planet similar to Earth.

In search parameters main criterion considered the glow of the planet, but rather a reflection of her glow from the stars, Earth image.The blue and white color is not the only color.According to scientists, the planet with the red spectrum of radiation can also be inhabited.Reflecting the greater part of the earth comes from the water surface is white-blue glow, but a reflection of the continent's vegetation will have a reddish tint.

While exoplanet discovered by their characteristics are very similar to Jupiter.