What is spirituality ?

What is spirituality ?

word "spirituality" comes from the Greek "esotericos", which means "hidden", "internal".Already on this basis, it becomes clear that the esoteric knowledge, as opposed to the exoteric, that is intended for all, at all times, it was only available to the elite.This is the hidden knowledge of the secret entrusted to the initiated, those who even on pain of death had no right to disclose them.That is, if you are esoteric, which means "elected", kindly comply with the high mission entrusted to you.

What exploring spirituality?

Mission favorite is truly dedicated to high.After all, what is spirituality?It's not just the secret knowledge that for centuries were collected and handed down from generation to generation, improved in the cultures of different peoples.This sacred knowledge - they are the laws of the universe and the human soul as a part of the whole, as a particle of God.Therefore, when we answer the question of what it means to spirituality, you will certainly begin to talk about esoteric cosmology, metaphysics, psychology, about the psychological and anthropotechnics inherent Buddha, Jesus Christ, the Gnostics.

Esoteric teachings

way, the doctrine of the Gnostics considered esoteric, that is a secret, for that matter, and the Jewish Kabbalah, which is also called the esoteric Judaism, like the ancient Greek mysteries and teachings of the Gnostics.At the present time to the secret teachings are the teachings of the Freemasons, Sufis (mystical Islam), theosophists, anthroposophists.

What is important for esoteric?

If science experiment is important, for the esoteric to the fore knowledge of the world through direct experience.And just so I learned the deep secrets of the universe and man.These secrets are each open inside, because the man himself is the most profound mystery.And this is true esotericism.

spirituality, as opposed to religious people, is not inherent in a blind dogmatic faith.In his mystical knowledge they are based on the fundamental structure of the universe and of man, which is mikrokomos.That is why among belonging to different schools of esoteric never been and can not be disagreements.After all, the knowledge of what they are doing, and the same for all people and for all time.

Speaking of time.We live today in a very interesting period, when the secret ancient knowledge have been actively disclosed to our planet.And just lazy and utterly incurious man refuses to join to the fact that, giving us hope and understanding the meaning of life, has come from far distances - from time immemorial.