How to calculate the average wage ?

How to calculate the average wage ?

many of their average salary.For information on how to calculate the average wage, tell our article.To begin with, it should be recalled that the new amendments, which are included in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, saying that the settlement period for all cases to determine the average salary, the same, even when calculating the payment of compensation for the vacation that you do not use and paymentof the holiday.

This settlement period - twelve calendar months before the payment period.Each calendar month is equal to the length of time from 1 to 31 the number of the month inclusive.Moreover, in order to know how to calculate the average wage, it must be remembered that the collective agreement provides for other periods of this calculation in the case where these periods are not limited to the employee.


Employees who fully fulfilled its accounting period and complied with the established requirements and labor standards can calculate your average earnings.It may not be less than the minimum wage, which is set by the law of the Russian Federation.For all cases, finding the average daily wage, except compensation for leave which has not been used by you and the payment of the holiday, it can be determined by the following formula: "The actual monthly wage" / "In fact, days worked for the entire accounting period."

In case you want to calculate the average earnings per day, for a different compensation payments, it is necessary to know if has been completely worked out a settlement period.If so, then the desired search value must be equal to "actual gross salary for settlement period" / "12 months of the accounting period" / "The average monthly number of calendar days" (this number is equal to 29.4 days).

If necessary settlement period was not fully worked out an employee, then define the divisor of the above formula should be different.In this case, you need to average monthly number of calendar days, which is multiplied by the number of full months worked and number of working days, full-time, that must occur in the time that was worked out in the not fully refined months, and multiplied by a factor of 1.4.Now you know how to determine the average salary!