How to understand life?

How to understand life?

Throughout life, each of us is required to come to the same answer to this question is, how to understand the meaning of life?When this insight will happen?In extreme old age there, or in adulthood, when you're still young and full of energy and I am able to apply this knowledge in practice.The sooner - the course better.

Who we

Once a person has learned to communicate information to their offspring by means of writing, the first thing he wrote - it answers to the eternal questions: who we are, why we live and how to understand life.But without a certain level of knowledge: about themselves, about the world, these answers are useless.

Who are we?Biologically, we humans, in essence - animals, mammals, apes.Like any living organism, a person is saved commitment to implement the four basic, basic, needs.We list them in order of the importance to human life:

  • nutritional needs;
  • heat demand (security);
  • need for reproduction;
  • need for domination.

It is in this sequence a person seeks to satisfy them all his life.If we are cold, and we want to have - we definitely will not want sex.And certainly we would still like to comment on our photo contact.

first and most important meaning of life - is constantly satisfy all four of our basic needs.Usually, the discussion of the meaninglessness of our existence we come, when the first three requirements, we have satisfied, and the fourth that something did not happen.In this and only in this case, a person prone to depression and self-flagellation.As with the first three all clear how to satisfy them, let's detail the fourth - to dominate demand.

man - only a social being.Once alone, man very quickly goes mad and dies.We are vital to communication, to receive a daily portion of the recognition of their own exclusivity.Here's a little paradox.Awareness of one's own uniqueness and superiority over others - this is the need for domination.There is millions of years of evolution, thanks to all the same law of evolution - the offspring leave only the best.

Because, simply put, the need to dominate - is to become "the most-best" in any activity.The more so because it is very extensive in the world today.Physical, mental, creative, any type of activity in which your side will not match anyone.This ensures that you earn money, and money - in turn, will guarantee the satisfaction of basic needs of the first three.

Who knew life - he is in no hurry

It is very important to understand that in itself, money is not the meaning of life.Meaning, as we said above - to become "the most-most."And to prove it is needed on a daily basis.Second, the fundamental mechanism of our existence, after having to meet basic needs, is the way to become "very, very."All our lives we lead forward only four emotions:

  • Interest
  • Joy
  • Anger
  • Fear

only daily emotions of interest and pleasure make a person happy.Because once you can not climb Mount Everest, and then hope that life will experience the joy of a victory.Of interest is the only favorite thing (favorite - is the one that does best), and the joy of victory is only the state (including, for example, the victory of love).

Anger is a very strong emotion, it is used by man to achieve victory at any cost.If the fear is stronger than anger - it says about your wrong development.Fear and pain - it's just a little limiter that protects our lives from the ill-considered experiments (that we do not put their hands into the fire or did not go over the edge of the abyss).Anger developed stronger, because if an animal suddenly appears in the middle of a forest fire, it is not paralyzed by fear that it dutifully burned and sweeping anger and it runs through the fire without feeling pain.

Because to understand the answer to the question - how to understand the meaning of life, you need to simply answer the other questions: "How can I make the experience emotions of interest and joy every day?", "What happens in my bestand gives me these emotions? ".And understand what kind of activity is right for you in this parameter - just deal with it.This is life.Its meaning - happiness.

Happiness - it is not at the end.Happiness - is the way.