How to become a man of peace ?

How to become a man of peace ?

Let's start with the fact that we define for themselves who is a cosmopolitan.

Translated from the Greek - is a man of the world.And on the level of ideology - the man who put the interests of humanity above the interests of a particular nation or state.In fact, cosmopolitanism - a world of unity, peace and the integrity of the universe.Cosmopolitan proclaims the unity of mankind.

first declared himself a cosmopolitan Greek philosopher Diogenes.Cosmopolitans were Voltaire, Leo Tolstoy, Montesquieu, Bentham, and many others.Kant called cosmopolitanism crown of development of human society.

Answers to questions about the philosophical aspect can be defined in philosophy.

How to become a man of peace

's enough to share the philosophy and beliefs of the unity of all mankind.We live on the same planet, we have a common history and common roots.To understand the senselessness and malignancy of nationalist ideas and abandon the false patriotism - that's the way it is cosmopolitan.

But if this is not enough for you and there is a strong desire or need to obtain this status officially, you will help the WSA (World Government of World Citizens) - an organization founded in 1954 by Harry Davis.WSA is based in Washington, DC in the United States and today produces nearly all the world's citizens who want a passport.Is it worth the license from 45 to 300 dollars.More information can be found on the official website of the organization -, where you can also write an application for world citizenship.

It should be mentioned that the passport of a citizen of the world is not accepted in most countries.Today, world citizenship recognize only Burkina Faso, Zambia, Mauritania, Tanzania, Togo and Ecuador.In other countries, it is just a "piece of paper", which has no legal value, in other matters, this situation can change at any moment.Today, in the world according to various estimates have between 500 thousand to 1 million citizens of the world.This is the most popular second passport in the world.

Also on the WSA website a list of more than 180 countries at least once admitted to their territory cosmopolitan.The main task of the organization today - is the free movement of citizens of the world.

So if you share these beliefs and want to be citizens of our common world - be them.