How to calculate profit?

How to calculate profit?

economic indicators store activities considered getting them to profit, as a result of the sale of goods to consumers.All work shop should be taken into account that at the end of one period could calculate the point of sale profits.In a detailed and accurate accounting, the profit can be obtained for any period of time that the interests of owners, from 1 day to 1 year.But as a rule, store profit is calculated by the end of the month.In order to understand how to calculate profit, you first need to conduct an audit of the store.This is necessary in order to reflect the profit calculation of the real and exact, not approximate value.

believe earned

To make the correct calculation of the profit point of sale, it is necessary, first, to lay down their revenue, which is obtained by the store every day for a month.Next you need to calculate the amount that the owner has spent on the purchase of goods sold, sold for an accounting period.And where do we get the data about the goods sold?That's what you need and auditing documents, which contain information about products that entered the market and sold products.Next, you need to subtract from the known to us now the amount of monthly revenue store expenses incurred as a result of the purchase of goods.As a result, you get the difference, which is called gross income.But gross income - is not yet store profits, since the reporting period your store expend funds for many other purposes.So you:

  • paid rent retail and warehouse premises;
  • spend money on something to pay for utility services;
  • paid salaries to its employees;
  • performed purchase commercial equipment, various household goods, and others.

All expenses made by the store during the reporting period to fold.Then subtract from gross income the amount of any expenses and taxes paid to shop.As a result, you will figure for which you and told calculation: net income, which can be used by you for any needs.Now that you know how to calculate net income, which means that it will be able to enjoy and waste.

calculation of future profits

often required to calculate the profit, which is only planning to get shop.This is useful when the plans to expand the product range, increase in retail space and others. In this case, the profit is calculated approximately.To calculate the planned profit, you need to multiply the trading margin for the planned sales.The figure, which is obtained (the store revenues) need to reduce the amount of future expenses.The resultant figure will be the size of the proposed store profits.

How to calculate profit stores in the future, we figured, let's calculate this figure as a percentage of revenues received.In this case, you need the amount of profit that was obtained by the store during the period, divided by revenue, and then multiplied by 100%.The result is called the margin.The higher it is, the better your shop.