Why the need for IPad?

Why the need for IPad?

Apple is like once again pleases us with the new device!IPad is something of a cross between a smartphone and a laptop.This internet tablet, which launched the sale in April 2010.In Russia, officially started selling it later - in November 2010.

What is the IPad

This question is probably not serious and silly to many analysts, because they believe that over time, is able to displace the ipad with the personal computer market.IPad not fundamentally different from the PC, it is much simpler and clearer our usual computers.

But the question is relevant for us.Try it today to keep up with new technologies that are developing such a rapid pace!So, ipad created for the user's convenience, it is now believed that this device is not intended to replace a netbook or PC, ipad as a complement to them.

Do ipad Need for Internet surfing

crawl on the internet while lying on the couch, while away from home and can be a laptop (netbook), but it is not as convenient as opposed to aypada.Working on ipad, all quickly, no brakes, very beautiful.Yes, flash sites do not work, but we go to them and is not often.But it's nice to be aware of the absence of viruses on the ipad.

Why do you need it ipad for reading magazines and books

Here ipad accurately be compared with a PC or netbook!For example, a user interested in reading magazines, which can be taken on a torrent.But before you start reading on your computer, you need to look for a folder, where they lie.And then I have to remember, and what you stopped last time.If it is a PC, you need to sit in a chair, and if it is a netbook - reading prevents keyboard.Of course, for some it's not difficult, but if there is a better and more comfortable, why not take advantage ... With GoodReader program for ipad users will see where he finished reading the last time in each of the magazines.And the bright, clear screen set up for the enjoyment of the process of reading.And if need be, the two fingers gesture you increase the page.Note iBoook application for IPad.

So, why do we need ipad:

  • to read the latest news on the Internet,
  • for checking mail,
  • to place a small post, reply to comments in the blog,
  • games,
  • read.

IPad - the same laptop, but without the keyboard, so it is not suitable for typing.Do I need a ipad, must decide individually, each for himself.What are the features of the computer often you use, whether you will be comfortable with the ipad.Many of the necessary functions, the user can be found in the iphone, and the size of the last compact, so it is worth buying the ipad?

Do I need a ipad 2

What changes carries a thin sleek tablet IPad 2?There has been a CPU upgrade, it copes with the tasks in 2 times faster.The screen quality ipad 2 remains the same stunning, is not susceptible to any criticism.On IPad 2 can play modern three-dimensional game of the new generation.IPad 2 has already gone beyond the capacity of the netbook.And Apple has considered all complaints and established Plaid Cover Smart Cover, which has a magnetic fastening.That is, if the cover putting on IPad take a minute or two, and it was uncomfortable, but now the time necessary for IPad 2 - 1 second!The body on the sides IPad 2 is bent, that is, to keep it in his hands became more convenient.

very convenient to use the Ipad 2 on the road.Volumes of RAM and internal memory will allow both watching movies and photos in the highest quality on the stunning screen, browse mail, surf Web sites.ipad 2 also weighs less than a kilogram, while the first weighed very little.

Many people believe that if a person already has a IPad, then it is possible to do without a second version, do not change your tablet.Positive changes in the additions of cameras, but they are not impressive, even more slim that pleasing to the eye, but with the improvement of the quality of the processor can not argue.That is, if a person just picks himself tablet for the first time, it is better to look for IPad 2 and navigate to it.