How to connect to your computer Asus ?

How to connect to your computer Asus ?

Often there is a need to connect the device to your computer Asus.For example, you need to copy the files to your tablet or computer, and to transfer each file via bluetooth uncomfortable and long.

ASUS How to connect to a computer via USB

before operating the device, carefully read the instructions for connecting the device to a PC, which is attached.Connection Algorithm of different devices may be different.

In order to connect the tablet to the computer via USB, USB-cable is needed, which comes bundled with the tablet.Bundled with ASUS devices sometimes are two seemingly identical cord to connect via USB, but the approach is the only one to connect to a PC, the second works fine on the charge, but with a computer tablet does not connect.

  1. So, turn on the computer and the tablet.
  2. connected to the computer usb cord.The computer may be similar to the usb inputs, for example, hdmi or ieee, be careful.
  3. Now connect the other end of the cord into the usb connector plate.
  4. tablet should appear on the screen with a green android icon and the question of whether to connect a USB tablet.We click "Connect".The screen changes color, the word "Connected" appears.
  5. After a few seconds the computer determined usb drives.

In rare cases, the computer may display a message that the driver is not found, or a device is not detected.

In this case, you need to install their own drivers.Some plates are included with the disk device drivers or programs to work.They can also be downloaded from the official site.

The official ASUS 'support can click on the link - you can enter the name of your device in the search field and in the window that opens click on the "Drivers & Utilities" and download a driver or software for your device.There you can download the manuals and documentation, and to ask any questions.

ASUS How to connect to a computer via WiFi

In order to establish a connection between the tablet and Asus computer via WiFi, you need to download a couple of additional programs.

  1. on computer download and install any FTP client, such as the FileZilla, you can download it by clicking on the link -
  2. And on the plate with google play set, for example, WiFi transfer.
  3. Launch WiFi transfer and see ftp address.
  4. started on ftp-client computer.
  5. Hit connection to the ftp-server and enter any name, ftp address in WiFi transfer and from the same as the user name, enter WLAN Status.
  6. Hit connect and can transfer data between devices via ftp.

This program allows you to communicate only via a computer interface.In order to do it right from your tablet, you can use other programs.

If you still have questions, you can see articles on this topic in the section Plates.