How to connect your iPad to the Internet?

How to connect your iPad to the Internet?

We are accustomed to the use of the Internet, and which would not have been, we wish to go to the site you want, when we need to.In our time, this can be done not only with a computer, phone, and devices for the iPad name.In order to enter into a global network, it is necessary not just somewhere to click and perform a quick tutorial below.

Conventionally, all users of such equipment can be divided into those who already use the Internet everywhere, and those who do not.We want all users to experience the convenience of Internet connection at any suitable place for them.That is why we tell you how to connect your iPad to the Internet?

transfer methods

Information Those who are not yet connected to the global network, usually either do not know how to do it, or do not have the financial or physical ability (schoolchildren, students, people who live in places where there is no wired communication).Therefore, their cell phones are "offline".But there are obvious advantages of the Internet, via a desktop computer or laptop, you can:

  • Reboot graphics or digital images.
  • Upload music files.
  • Upload video files.
  • establish a new program or an interesting game.
  • Record the necessary literature.

But if the World Wide Web is not yet available to you, all of the above you need to advance themselves or rewritten from friends or buy.

When you clearly decide that you want to go online via their own device, then you have two options to translate desire into reality: either go through wifi or 3G to connect on a special network, 4G.

connects via wi-fi (WI-FI)

No matter what model of your iPad, you can always connect via wi-fi network.When you turn on your device, use the Internet-oriented applications, such as: Safari.Next, the screen will pop up a list of networks, and you only have to choose one of them.Fill in the password field (in your iPad comes up window).You can also use the shareware points WI-FI.These are usually in public places (cafes, clubs, play centers).In such places the network is not requests a password, and you enter the desired page without any problems.

Connect 3G, 4G

3G, 4G can also be connected to any version of the iPad, including the iPad 2. How to connect the internet on these devices?If you want permanent or intermittent access to the Internet, connect via 3G, 4G is exactly what will suit you.So you can use the navigation and other applications requesting access to the network without any problems.To do this, you have to buy a micro-SIM card, or to trim the already existing.This can be done in almost any interior mobile phones and tablets.After your machine is installed sim card and it is activated, a "network" icon appears in the upper left corner.If not, do it manually: go to "Network Data" section (which includes this section), and then launch Safari and open the desired page.If your unit is still hard not connected to the Internet, it is likely that you will need to download additional settings, it is best to do a professional service center.More information can be found here.