How to connect a USB flash drive to the tablet ?

How to connect a USB flash drive to the tablet ?

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How to connect a USB flash drive to the tablet?

plates are each day more firmly part of our lives.This is not surprising, because they are portable, good for reading, watching movies, playing games, working with documents, keep a long time the battery charge.Everything needed for the functioning of the tablet can be downloaded from the Internet, but still often need to connect to an external source of information.We'll help you figure out how to connect a USB flash drive to the tablet.

USB connection

If your tablet has a USB-connector, then you are very lucky, especially if the device is working on of Windows.In this case, you simply insert the USB flash drive and open the desired files through a conductor.With Android, everything is a bit more complicated.Let's start with the fact that the connection of external devices only support the device with the version above 3.1.They must be installed on your device any file manager like ES Explorer.Then you need to go into the application and click on SD-card icon.list of folders will appear before you.To find among them the stick, having risen mnt - sda - sda1.As a result, before you should see the contents of the flash drive.

Connection via MicroUSB connector

If you do not have a standard USB port, but there is a MicroUSB, the problem is solved with a connection stick elementary.All you need - is to buy a USB OTG cable - a special adapter that allows you to connect a USB flash drive and MicroUSB port.You need to insert the flash drive into the corresponding end of the second connecting the tablet.In this case, the flash drive must be defined automatically, as the tablet will inform you sound signal and a pop-up window.

Alternative ways to connect

Some vendors for personal reasons not to equip the plate even under the connector MicroUSB.Instead, the device has some proprietary socket.It's a little complicated task.In addition to USB OTG cable, you'll have to buy a special adapter is also suitable to the specific terminal.That's it, and it will be necessary to insert a USB OTG cable is connected to the memory stick.Next steps are the same as in the previous case.

We hope that our paper will help you to use your tablet much more fully and make your life easier and more convenient.

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