How to connect the tablet to the Internet?

How to connect the tablet to the Internet?

tablet - this is the last word in modern communication and multimedia computing.The tablet allows you to not just play the game and see the photos, but also to access the Internet and chat with friends on social networks or via Skype.

Most people buying a tablet primarily plan to use it to surf the Web, and therefore the question of how to connect the tablet to the Internet, is relevant for all novice users.Answer it clearly fails or form universal instructions as tablets differ from each other not only in appearance and characteristics, and operating systems.After all, the operating system, which is built on the basis of the control system devaysom depend on the options connected to the Internet.


connections To get started is to immediately determine what you need to connect the Internet, because nowadays popular different options for gaining access to the Internet.

  1. Connection via conventional network cable, it is true, in the tablet connector for LAN-network is extremely rare.In addition, Wi-Fi-routers are often installed in homes and apartments, the router receives the signal through the network cable, and distribute it in the form of wireless Internet.
  2. connection via mobile network by 3G- or 4G-technology, which allows to use the Internet through a 3G-modem built-in or external type.In such modems installed a special SIM card, the same as in mobile phones.In general, the decision as to connect the Internet through the tablet is up to you, taking into account the capabilities of your tablet.

Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi

So, to connect Wi-Fi is very simple.To do this, just go to the network settings, and put a "tick" the box marked "Connecting wireless Internet."Then, your tablet will own all active network within range of the receiver, and you will only have to choose a network that has better signal.However, it is worth mentioning that not all networks are free and open.To connect to some of them need an access password.

Connecting to the network through a 3G (4G)

  1. If the tablet has a built-in modem, it is simple setup.How to connect the tablet to the Internet?To do this, insert the SIM card into the slot and set up a connection according to the parameters that are normally provided together with the SIM card.Often, the settings need to put a "tick" in front of "Data Communications Networks" option for Internet work correctly.
  2. connection through an external modem - it is a more complicated process.
  • The first thing to do - is to make sure that all external modems can be connected to your tablet.Usually, for connecting a standard USB-port.
  • second stage - the most difficult.It is necessary to "convince" your modem that you need it is a "modem", and not as a virtual drive or card reader.By default, this device is a modem, and the virtual disk, and a card reader.
  • Once you have moved the modem to the correct mode, can only enter the APN settings and enter the parameters of your network operator.You can find them in the contract, or simply surf the Internet using search.
  • Next, keeping the access point, the tablet will automatically connect to the Internet at the time of connection to an external modem.