How to flash Acer?

How to flash Acer?

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How to flash Acer?

every day tablet devices are beginning to replace personal computers and laptops.The advantages of such devices - portability and usability.

Many users have an Acer tablet production model and sometimes wonder how to sew Acer independently.

firmware installation

  1. To put the new firmware on the tablet Acer, need to start to get the rights to access the root application (unless previously your tablet does not get the right data).Then install ClockWorkMod Recovery and download the firmware itself.
  2. To get right to root, download the version Gingerbreak.
    • then put in the device menu option "Unknown sources" and in the "Applications" menu - "Working" push the button "the USB debugging."
    • Then install the application GingerBreak-v1.20.apk.By installing the application, run it and click «Root Device».
  3. then proceed to download the application Acer Recovery Installer, after the launch of the application mark the option ClockWorkMod Recovery and wait for the installation.
  4. proceed directly to the device firmware.
  5. course to start the required firmware download files in memory or on a memory card in your device.Always make sure (if it is an archive file), that it has no errors by unzipping it to your PC.
  6. next item - a file download in ClockWorkMod while switching the device on the power button and the volume buttons.The keys must be held before in the corner of the screen will not be found menu.In the menu note «wipe data / factory reset».To navigate the menus, use the volume keys, and to make a choice, use enable button.In this menu, select «wipe cache partition» and, therefore, go to the «advanced» and then we click «Wipe Dalvik Cache» and «Wipe Battery Status».Then go back to the item «Go Back».
  7. Now proceed to «install zip from sd card», select the downloaded firmware file.Confirmations select the file installation provide power key.
  8. Once the installation is complete, will appear install zip from sd card complete, it will be necessary to return to the menu and run the tablet reboot using existing item «reboot system now».

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