How to flash the DNS ?

How to flash the DNS ?

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How DNS flash?

Many users when working on the tablet face a number of problems - small data rate freeze apparatus, self restart and other failures.To improve the performance of the device, you need to update or change the software.In this article we will talk about how to flash the tablet on the example of DNS products.

As a self-stitch plate DNS

  1. To start need to download the firmware from the official website of the manufacturer and the program-flasher.
  2. Copy the necessary information from the tablet to any media (contacts, photos, videos, and so on. N.).Also be prepared that all the applications and settings will be deleted after the installation program that you have installed earlier.
  3. Make sure that battery was full of at least fifty percent.If you want to charge the tablet.
  4. Turn off the tablet.Then hold down the "Home" button and connect the device to your computer using a USB cable.(Depending on the model of the tablet button to enter the service mode may be different, for example, you may need to hold down the volume slider up or hold down these keys simultaneously).
  5. Install the driver for the appropriate operating system.
  6. Then you want to run firmware utility.If the tablet is properly determined computer, the dialog box should light up in green small window will be displayed where the serial number plate.
  7. then required in the dialog box to select the firmware file and click "Upgrade" button ( "Update").
  8. When start the process of updating software is required to wait until the final load.In no case do not disconnect the tablet from the computer during the procedure.(Otherwise, you will carry the device to the service center for the restoration of the work).
  9. Under the program installation is complete, the tablet should reboot independently.Otherwise, run the utility again and repeat the algorithm (the sixth paragraph).Keep in mind that after piercing the first inclusion of the tablet may take longer than usual.

Be careful when self-installing custom firmware (programs that are downloaded from third-party sites and created by independent developers).To prevent damage to the unit advise to use only the official manufacturer's programs.

Please note that the article is a recommendation.Editors are not responsible for the actions of users.If you are not confident in their abilities, then contact a service center.

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