How to close a company ?

How to close a company ?

Close own business is even more difficult than open a new business.Sometimes you have to resort to the help of lawyers who know how to close the company.But even if you have decided on their own to stop the activities of the company, you should take into account a lot of the nuances associated with the status of your company.

firms with debts Closing

If you want to close the company, which has a debt, you have to decide on the way.The law provides several ways of how close the company with debt, and one of them - is the complete elimination of the company through bankruptcy.This is a difficult and long process, which can take from six months to several years.In order to carry out the liquidation of the debts of the company through bankruptcy, you need an application that sues the debtor or the creditors or government agencies.The court sets the monitoring of the enterprise, shall appoint the financial recovery procedure.If the external control does not produce results, the next step of action.On the basis of decisions taken at the meeting of creditors, as well as arbitration manager reports, the court takes a decision to liquidate the company.

Closing Ltd.

There are several ways how to close Ltd. company: the decision of the founders, or the decision of the court on the grounds of bankruptcy.If you do not intend to go through bankruptcy and close their own company, the first thing you need to hold a meeting of the founders and adopt a protocol decision on the closure of the firm.Assuring the protocol at the notary, you treat them the tax.Also, the tax office sent the document, which presents the liquidation commission.Then, in the print media published information about the liquidation of your company.When all the company's debts will be paid, its property is sold.


zero firms Some employers mistakenly believe that if the company did not conduct any business activity over a long period, it is automatically self-destructs.This is not so, because the procedure is to close the company zero, is no different from the usual full liquidation of the company.Stages of the closing of the enterprise include all of the same decision of the founders, a message to the tax office and the media.And despite the fact that the company may not even have a bank account, a thorough check will take a very long time, and if it turns out that the owner did not give any account, he will have to pay a fine.Everything happens because open their own business is much easier and cheaper than close it.

Before proceeding to the official procedure of liquidation of the company, it should be all very well thought out, because after your firm made in the corresponding register, you will not be able to stop the liquidation process.

Closing one-day firms

If you are concerned about how close a firm one-day, which exists only on paper, and in reality is not self-employment, you will probably have to think about alternative procedures.Since the official liquidation will take a lot of time and entail numerous checks, you can resort, for example, the merger process with another entity.Even the sale of this company will be profitable and faster.A lot of businesses simply "forget" about your company and stop to take statements.Such a method is fraught with trouble, because later you face the consequences.There are plenty of semi-legal methods of liquidation of the company, but choosing them, you should be fully aware of the associated risk.