How to flash Prestigio?

How to flash Prestigio?

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How to flash Prestigio?

Prestigio - a trademark of the company ASBIS consumer technology.This company is little known in the Russian market, but it is one of the largest providers of IT-products in the world and represents the interests of such well-known brands such as Intel, AMD, Samsung, Microsoft, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, Hitachi, Apple, etc.Starting our own production line of tablet sales began in 2011.Since then, regularly appear new tablet model and new software.

As software becomes obsolete very quickly, it is necessary to improve regularly.In this article we'll show you how to flash Prestigio tablet to keep up with the times.

First of all you will need to determine what firmware you want to use on your tablet: the official (from the manufacturer) or informal.In the latter case, you risk losing the warranty on your device, but many users are not confused.

depending on what firmware you install, you have two options for installing

Automatic update over the air (Over-the-Air)

This option is ideal for those users who do not want to overly complicate their lives and prefer,all updates to their devices are in automatic mode.In order to activate the automatic software update, follow these steps:

  1. Connect mobile or wireless internet on the tablet.go to the menu for setting the mobile Internet Settings - More - Mobile network and tick off the items "Data Transfer" and "Internet roaming".To connect to a Wi-Fi wireless networks, go to Settings - Wireless networks - Wi-Fi and turn the switch to the On position.
  2. Go to Settings - Device Info - Updates and set the switch to On.
  3. phone itself will search for available updates for your tablet model and if found will offer to update the software.

Installing computer

If the previous version of the software update you on kakoy-to reason are not satisfied or if you plan to install on your tablet firmware from a third party, you will need to download the archive file with the firmware, which you plan to install the driver foryour tablet (firmware and drivers can be found on the website androidtab ru.), as well as a special program-flasher RKBatchTool (official site - Rockchip) on your PC:

  1. Unzip the firmware file to your tablet model in any folder on your computer.
  2. Connect the usb-cable to the computer.
  3. Hold the volume up button at the same time insert the second usb-cable end into the slot of the tablet.
  4. Without releasing the button to increase the volume, press the power button on the tablet.
  5. Install the driver for the tablet to your PC, if it does not happen automatically.
  6. Start RKBatchTool file.exe.
  7. labeled Connected devices under number 1 must be enclosed in a green square.
  8. Select the firmware file and click the Restore button.
  9. Wait until the flashing process and disconnect the cable from the tablet.

Whatever firmware you use, the tablet before reinsertion after the successful installation of the updated software is required to back up your device data.

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