How to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab?

How to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab?

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How to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab?

problem with the firmware update is fairly common and can occur both on the cheap, and on expensive brand-name tablet computers.How evident is the problem?Going into the tablet settings, you can find the item "About tablet" and already there select "System Update."you can check for updates and upgrade if necessary this menu.

But what if you know that the update has already been published, but the system itself does not offer to install it?In this case, you must install the update manually.How to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab yourself?

Firmware tablet

There are two ways to install the firmware on the tablet.The easiest:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu and select the tab "Applications";
  2. In the "All" tab, locate the "Google Services Framework" application;
  3. Click on the name of the application and from the menu select "Erase Data";
  4. Restart the tablet.

Then again try to update the system.Typically, this method helps the system firmware and standard procedures can be updated after its application.

Installing the firmware manually

In order to install the firmware on their own, you must have a certain set of objects and software:

  • Driver tablet computer;
  • USB-cable to connect the tablet to a computer;
  • Odin program.

Firmware Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet can be quite a long process, but on the whole there is nothing difficult not.If you do not know how to connect the tablet to your PC, be sure to read the article - How Samsung Galaxy Ace to connect to a computer.

tablet battery must be charged for at least 60%.

  1. Install Odin program.Make sure that your computer was installed drivers for your tablet and it is recognized by the computer;
  2. download the necessary firmware from SamMomile site;
  3. Turn off the tablet and switch it on again, holding down the "Lower volume" button.After the boot menu appears on the screen, pressing the Volume Up button to select "Download";
  4. Launch Odin program and in the program disable Auto Reboot and Reset Time, and then connect the tablet to the computer via a cable;
  5. Odin detects your tablet.It will be evident from the color change of a special windows program.Next, click PDA button and select the firmware file that you want to install.
  6. Click "Start" and wait for the firmware installation.After installation, the tablet will automatically reboot.