How can I use the maternity capital ?

How can I use the maternity capital ?

Since 2007, a program called being implemented in Russia "maternity capital".The demographic situation in the country is not stable, the number of economically active population falls with each passing year.In order to stabilize this situation, the bill was introduced in order to increase fertility and improve the quality of life of children.

So, every family is entitled to receive maternity capital, if born or adopted by a second or subsequent child in it.The certificate can be obtained, and use it only once in a lifetime.

Maternal capital annually indexed:

  • 250,000 rubles - 2007
  • 276,250 rubles - 2008
  • 312,162 rubles - 2009
  • 343,383 rubles - 2010
  • 365,698 rubles - 2011
  • 387 600 rubles - 2012
  • 400 000 - 2013 (projected)

payments are not taxable.

How can I use the parent capital in 2012?

Maternal capital provided no individual child and family as a whole.So you can spend the money, considering the interests of the whole family.Valid certificate upon presentation of an identity document.

main direction of the parent capital:

  1. improving housing conditions
  2. education
  3. retirement savings mother

Improving housing conditions: (you may use the maternity capital in the following areas)

  • repay a loan
  • repair or reconstruction of the house
  • compensation during construction
  • construction or repair of houses on their own
  • shared construction
  • when participating in co-operatives Housing

getting an education:

  • payment of education in educational institutions
  • payment of education in kindergarten
  • accommodationstudent in the hostel educational institutions

pension savings:

  • to form part of the pension to the mother (referring to the funded part)

Note: maternity capital funds can be divided.For example, part of the funds spent on the education of the child, of the improvement of housing conditions and the part on the accumulation of pensions.It is also possible to use part of the certificate, that is, for example, half of the funds spent on the necessary needs now, and the rest deferred to a later period.

Various laws on the use of maternity capital for medical treatment of the child, to provide infants high-tech medical care, vehicle purchase have been rejected.At present, you can use items like maternity capital being considered by the authorities: opening a bank account for the accumulation of dividends, support large families.

one-time payments in the amount of 12 thousand rubles for the immediate needs of the family:

During the crisis period the State Duma of the Russian Federation has been provided FZ №241 "On additional measures to support families with children", according to which Russian citizens, who are eligible for maternal (family)capital could receive a one-time payment in the amount of 12 thousand rubles.This service can be used only until 1 March 2011.At present, the law does not apply.

whether cash maternity capital possible?

is impossible - the only correct answer.In fact, the issued certificate is a virtual currency that can be used only in certain directions.Cash in this case is not provided in principle.Recently in Russia, cases of fraud.Various businesses and companies offer their services for cash maternity capital by charging a percentage of the operation.However, they claim that it is legal.Remember that often you may just lose your certificate, the amount of no return, and the next morning the firm disappears.For such actions in the Russian criminal liability (a fine or imprisonment of up to 2 years).

reason for writing the article, how to use the maternity capital, is the Federal Law of December 29, 2006 №256 "On additional measures to support families with children."