How to paste a film without bubbles ?

How to paste a film without bubbles ?

To protect your tablet or mobile phone display from scratches and stains it is recommended to stick to a special protective film.However, not everyone is able to do this trick with the first time.Under the film and then strive to get dirt, dust, air, with the result that it interferes with the normal perception of the information.But this can be avoided by knowing how to stick the film without bubbles.After adhering to simple rules, you can get rid of these little troubles.

pasted film without bubbles correctly

to have fewer problems with applying the film, you should buy the most expensive, because this film is stuck without bubbles.But if on the market there is only cheap Chinese film, you have to work hard to finish an excellent result.The first thing to know about the reason that there are bubbles, as they appear in the field of fine dust.Therefore, before you glue the film without bubbles is necessary to prepare a working place where there should be no dust.

For this purpose, well suited bathroom, because there wet and drops of water clean even the smallest dust.First you need to thoroughly clean the surface of the tablet from dust, grease and stains.Only the washing materials can not be used, use or microfiber cloth for utilities can be moist, but not before they have to wipe the screen on the mobile dryly.Then you need to take a wide adhesive tape and pasted surface of the screen, after which it must be dramatically disrupt this will remove the remaining dust.Now you can start gluing the film.

film should be divided into two parts and start to glue it to the edge, carefully remove the protective part of the film.As the bonding should be smooth already pasted surface, leading not yet pasted part.Of course, the first time can not happen, but it's not terrible.If at first you could not stick the film and get bubbles under a film, you should delete it and start again with adhesive tape bonding to the screen.However, it is worth considering that the dust is now on the film itself.It should be washed under running water, dry and only then try to paste it without the bubbles.

Some people are often pasted on the mobile phone screen is wet or insufficiently cured film.And to do this is not recommended, because water can get in, and the device will no longer function properly, resulting in additional expenses for its repair.Therefore, it is important that she should be, dried.Now that you know how to remove bubbles in the film, or do without them, and your mobile will delight you with its perfect appearance, at least a year.