How to stick the film on the phone?

How to stick the film on the phone?

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How to stick the film on the phone?

Stick tape on the mobile phone screen - is always a problem for a beginner.To lay the film flat on the surface of a mobile phone screen and stayed there as long as possible, follow these tips.Prepare the screen

Before you stick the film on the phone, you need to remove from the screen all the dust, crumbs, prints.Clean the surface is completely possible with the help of special tools.You can use the liquid to clean your computer monitor screen.It is perfectly suitable.If you apply the alcohol, the display surface of the phone may be seriously affected.

Hold the phone for the rear panel when you wipe the screen surface.It is best to put it on a clean and dry surface.For example, on a windowsill.The room should be free of dust because a wet screen it will fall again.You can be used to carry out this procedure the bathroom.Take wipes, which are designed to clean the monitor.Their texture is ideal for removing dust and fingerprints from the phone display.They do not leave lint unlike other tissue or cotton, do not "divorce" on the surface.

Prepare film

order to stick the protective film on the phone, you need to get it out of the packaging and place it on a clean, dry place.In the film you can see the protective stickers.There is no need to remove them immediately.First you need to look at the labels that are located on those labels.They are given numbers (1 and 2) in order to know which side of the glue.Always apply


Put in front of the phone.In order to properly affix the film to the phone, you must first make it the right side of the screen.Now you need to carefully, so as not to leave a trace on the film itself, peel back the protective cover.This must be done in length rather than the width.Apply, freed from the edge of the protection film to the screen.Do this slowly, carefully applying the film, so that it is flat.See how the protective film is adjacent to the edge of the screen.If necessary, adjust.Try to clear the film was in its place, because if you shoot and glue it over three times, it will not hold.

When one edge is exactly on the line of the screen, can shoot the rest of the protective cover.Do not rush, because it may turn out uneven.Remove gradually, from top to bottom.We need to do so when glued one end, to continue the process better than the top of the screen.So you can help the tape stick your finger and touch the screen itself.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen.Remove the protective cover gradually.After you paste the film, bubbles may appear on the screen.In order to avoid this, in the process of sticking the film slowly and carefully straighten each newly taped film millimeter.So you do not give air to penetrate between the screen and the film.If the bubbles could not be avoided, try to remove them from there.You can use a ruler, a credit card or a calendar.Just swipe angle from above, coming down.Air trapped under the film, will be released, and the screen will remain steady.However, be careful not to scratch the film.Do not use for this purpose scissors or other sharp objects.You and damage the screen and the film.If you want to see clearly how to stick the film, you can see the video.Stick tape on the phone is actually not so difficult, the main thing - do not hurry, do everything slowly and accurately and precisely determine the position of the film on the screen.