How to connect your HTC?

How to connect your HTC?

HTC has developed for its users a variety of options for synchronizing phone with your PC.If you are thinking how to connect a computer to the HTC, then you need to pay attention to the instructions that are described in this article.

Connecting smartphones

If you want to learn how to connect your computer to HTC, you should consider one of the options.

Connecting with

USB-cable included with the HTC phone is supplied USB-cable, with which you can synchronize the phone and computer.After the cable is connected, a screen appears in which you must choose one of the options:

  • «Charge only" - in this case you will only be able to charge your device and access the files will be closed;
  • «drive».By choosing this option, you will be able not only to view photos and videos, and copy them to your computer.

Once you decide the option to connect your phone, you must press the button "Finish".


The system will ask for each time you have a connection type.If you do not want to constantly confirm it, in which case you can set the automatic connection.To do this, go to settings and select "Connect to PC" and then the "default connection type."If you put a check mark next to the column "Ask me", the system will ask you to make a choice, if you eliminate - it will be automatically reconnected.


smartphone HTC smartphone is disabled in the same way as an external drive: you need to select "Stop the external disk" or "Eject Android phone», which is the icon in the lower right corner.

Connecting via Bluetooth

In order to use this feature, your computer must be equipped with Bluetooth.Next, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and make it visible to other devices by clicking on the name of your phone model at the top of the display.
  2. Start the Bluetooth-module on your computer and click on the tab "Add Device", which should be highlighted "the HTC phone."
  3. program will generate code that you must enter in the phone menu.

Note If you can not connect your phone to your computer so you should check whether the correct driver installed on the PC for HTC.

Disable HTC device from the Bluetooth

Disabling also plays an important role:

  1. Go on a smartphone in the Bluetooth menu.
  2. Select the device you want to disable, and then click "Disconnect."

HTC Sync Manager

HTC Sync Manager - an application which allows you to synchronize your phone with your computer using the following devices:

  • USB-cable.The program should recognize your phone and connect to it;
  • Bluetooth-device.This type of connection is suitable computers with Bluetooth or a laptop that was originally equipped with this device;
  • Wi-Fi.You need to connect your phone to your home network and run the program on your computer.

To start the application you must download htc and install on your PC.Installation is standard and should not cause too much difficulty (you only need to carefully read the instructions appearing on the tabs).Once connected, the application must boot the phone itself, if it does not, you should run it by force.


applications Among the main features HTC Sync Manager release:

  • sync several devices (phone - computer);
  • editing files that are contained in your phone;
  • backup information.After you sync your device by reconnecting the new information and contacts will automatically appear in the corresponding folders on your computer;
  • transfer of information.If you connect HTC phone to your computer, you can easily transfer information from one device to another.

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