How to create a Java- game?

How to create a Java- game?

there is a sufficient number of programming languages ​​for writing games.Difficulty them different.Experts believe that to write mobile applications most appropriate Java language.The development is quite simple.Therefore, in order to learn how to make games for mobile phones, you just need to have patience and a little effort.In this article we will show you how to write a game in Java.

Creating games for

  1. mobile phone First you need to install the necessary components:
    • Set emulators with which will be tested written modules.It's J2ME Wireless Toolkit.
    • compiler, which is used for making archives.It J2SE.
    • text editor.
  2. Next you need to run the application WTK Toolbar
  3. Create a new project using the menu "File", "New Project."
  4. Fill in the fields: Project name and class.Press Ok.The new project will be in the WTK program in the apps folder.Folders directory will contain the following:
    • folder bin - executables;
    • res folder - resources;
    • folder lib - the library;
    • Folder src - the source files.
  5. is necessary to think carefully about the storyline and graphics.
  6. In accordance with the chosen theme to write a program for java-games.
  7. sure to test it, first using an emulator, and then run on the phone.
  8. To do otkompellirovat project through WTK option Build editor.Press the button Run
  9. If problems with the launch of not to download to your phone you need to pack the application in two archives.jad and.jar).
  10. To do this, select Project point.Next Package.The archives, which appeared in the bin folder to download to your phone.

main difficulties

In order to understand how to make a java-game, you need to know the difficulties faced by each novice programmer java-games.It:

  • features hardware resources.
  • User satisfaction.
  • Debug game.

hardware resources.Processors mobile devices typically are thin compared to being in the desktop or PDA.Plus, often in mobile devices have graphic accelerators.In this regard, it is necessary to analyze what program spends most time.But given completely different attempt to prevent a delay in the game should not be.

When writing programs, for which a major cause of headaches is the performance, there is a proven approach: first, it is necessary to do so to work, then so that the right to work, and after that, it is necessary to do so to work quickly.

User satisfaction.When you create a java-games for mobile devices, there are factors that may impact negatively on the opinion about the game:

  • Firstly, due to the fact that the screen is small, it is not just fit all, as it was intended;
  • small keys are not very easy to use, sometimes it interferes with the player to achieve good results in the game;
  • very limited sound capabilities.

When creating a game all you need to consider.In order to interest users, you must create a game worthy of attention appearance, good sound design and quite comfortable control.

Debugging.This is the most time-consuming process.To do this, it's best to use the emulator, for example, the WTK.Another good way to debug - demo game mode.Ideally, in demo mode all the functionality of the game must be activated.Now, if you have a desire to make a game for a mobile phone, you know how to create a java-game