How to create a game for mobile phones ?

How to create a game for mobile phones ?

In this article, we will discuss the creation of games for mobile phones: they are general questions, how to create a game for mobile phones, as well as the challenges that will face the creator of the game.Despite the fact that today a lot of games available for download - to create games on the phone, the better, is able not everyone.

How to create a game for mobile online?

To start to define what the game plan you want to create.One thing, if you need a simple game type platform normal "shooter" or simple races, and quite another if you are planning some original sim or manager.In the first case, you can even do without specialized knowledge, as there are special games for designers of mobile phones, which can create a model of the game anyone.In the second case, you first have to learn Java - a programming language that are written almost all mobile phone applications.Moreover, it is necessary to examine thoroughly and understand it is necessary at the professional level.If you have such a desire, then the appropriate chapter, we describe the problems faced by any aspiring (and not only) Programmer of games for mobile devices.We will start with the simplest - with designers.

Constructors games - freedom in a limited space

"Why in a confined space? '- you ask.Because any game designer allows you to create a generic product with certain variations, and to create at least something of the original game will require knowledge of the basics of the Java language.Designer games for mobile phones is a special program that allows you to create two-dimensional games in different genres, and is perfect to create a game on your phone for free.This may be an arcade and platform "Action" and "shooters", simple sports and racing games.Typically, in such a game designer generated from different blocks.What does it mean?This means that individually selected schedule, separately - logical or mathematical model of the game, and only then they coalesce with the constructor interface.That is, the creation of the game, in fact, is a ready-made templates and download them to combine.It is clear that, in spite of the variety of options, genuine freedom in the creation of the game in the constructor does not and can not.And for those who want more, we will tell you what they will encounter when creating your own full-fledged game.

difficulties that will be faced

First of all, as we have said, you need to learn at an acceptable level, the Java language - is the minimum necessary to create any applications for mobile devices.Without knowledge of the native language, you will not be able to communicate without knowledge of Java - to write games.Let's say you have learned the basic structure of the language.The most important challenges that you will encounter when creating a game is keeping the hardware capabilities of mobile devices, as well as debugging of games on mobile devices.Because one thing to "drive" the game in a special program on the computer, and quite another - to try to play it on your mobile device.Believe me - here the question arises acutely conserve resources, especially when it comes to 3D-games.And, of course, to create not just a hack for their needs, and the game sold, it is necessary to take into account users' requests, that is, play the game should be fun, otherwise it will not need anyone.I'm not talking about how to create an online game for mobile phones - with the ability to play on the network.This article is about the game in normal mode, the so-called stand-alone game.

Steps for creating stand-alone game

difficult to talk about an abstract game, however, say that it all starts with the design phase of the game.This means that you need to write for the game basis or as is often said - "engine" of the game, that is the model from which you and will continue to draw on.If, for example, Tetris, it is clear that to start to write the algorithm on which will appear and drop shapes.When it comes to racing, the "engine" must be spelled out the parameters of the road, vehicles, etc.With regard to strategy games and managers, the base will have to create more and sufficiently serious mathematical model to account for the many situations that will arise in the game.

Once the base model is ready, proceed to the second phase - the implementation of the game.This step is a graphical presentation of the model.It must be said that the implementation phase often takes much more time than creating a framework or engine.And so, after long suffering, we finally obtain the finished model of the game.Do you think that all?No matter how true!Now we repeatedly test the model and to identify what is not working, and then we correct it in code.You might want something clean, something to add, change something.This is the third stage - the optimization of the game.The desire to create an original game you had not disappeared?Well then, good luck!