How to install the program on a tablet ?

How to install the program on a tablet ?

If you have already managed to get such a miracle of modern electronics like tablet PCs or, in the vernacular, a tablet, you may have noticed that, by default, it established some programs that require you tooperation.But, as the saying goes, a necessary minimum.And how many of interesting games and applications just waiting for them when you install and start "juzat" (to use)!

But you have never before worked with Android, the operating system does not know what programs are installed on the tablet?Well, it does not matter.Now we fill this gap.Apps for your tablet more convenient way to find and install the client using Android Market, which must be included in the list of programs pre-installed on it.Only there is one condition.It does not matter, via a modem, via Wi-Fi or via a high-speed cable connection, but from your tablet to have access to the Internet.

First, register with Google, create a mailbox there, and you will have your account.Then you can under your own "nickname» (nickname - the nickname, nickname) to use all the Google services.

Why in Google need to register?Yes, because just this company now owns the rights to the Android OS, and one of its services - Android Market - this is the app store for tablet PCs with the operating system.But here - not only paid programs.Quite a lot of interest Free (Free) and study (light) versions, too, can be installed on your tablet with the Android Market.

So, if you have the opportunity to access the Internet, then download the program to your tablet, you probably understand now.After all, it is - a matter of minutes.

Installing software on a tablet running Android

How to install the program from Android Market

  1. First of all, you need to make the newly created account in Google to the list of your accounts on your tablet.
  2. further you go in the Android Market and take a close look, what developers offer for your tablet.Applications are many.You can test them by downloading the trial version, and then buy.Or you can install the free program.This is at your discretion.
  3. When making your selection, click on the application icon you liked and go to a page with its description.Check out the information provided.
  4. In the upper corner of the page, to the right, you will see a button blue with the words "Upload."Click on it and install the app on your tablet automatically.You might wonder, "Is that all?".Oddly enough, but it is - everything.

Installing applications from the Android Market is recommended for several reasons:

  • It is really very simple.
  • On Android Market are less likely to catch on your tablet any "vredilusa" than on other sites.
  • Programs installed with Android Market, will be updated automatically.

But if the tablet is not possible to access the Internet?What to do in this case?How to install the program on a tablet?

Of course, the output can always be found.Alternatively, use the method shown below.

How to install a memory card

  1. The first thing you need to do is go to "Settings» (Settings), «Application» (Application Settings) and tick the string "Unknown sources» (Unknown Sources).
  2. From another device, go online, find the desired program, download the file with the extension.apk and move it to the plate in any memory card, a convenient way for you.
  3. is in the file manager of the tablet this file and presses on it.The application will be installed automatically.If the result is a window with a warning that the tablet, after the installation of the application will be more vulnerable, agrees.As you can see, nothing complicated, too.

If you have a USB cable, you can use another installation method.

How to install the program using PC

  1. find on the Internet and download the program InstallAPK.
  2. Install it on your PC.
  3. Connect the tablet to a PC via a USB cord.
  4. Download the application you need for a tablet.As you probably already memorized, it must be with the extension.apk.
  5. click on the downloaded file you twice.If the defaults are set correctly, the computer will know what to do next.Or you will need to run the program InstallAPK menu "Open With."In any case, an application installed on your tablet.

As you can see, all three ways to install applications on the tablet with Android OS differ surprising ease.So, as "the user" (user), you complain, certainly, there is nothing.Choose any, install all you have to like it, and the benefits to your health!