How to create a Nokia account ?

How to create a Nokia account ?

Mobile phone - this is not a luxury but a means of basic necessities, its role today can hardly be overestimated.Mobile phone - a complex mechanism, each year phone models refined, filled with new features and applications.Sometimes it is difficult to understand the principles of operation of an application.Useful information on various issues related to the work of such a gadget like a mobile phone, you will find in this category Mobile phones.

Depending on your phone model and operating system platform gadget made the creation of such an essential element of any modern mobile device like the account with which the user has access to the different applications the phone operating system.Generally, the account - a set of information that the subscriber or mobile phone user informs its computer system.In this article, we will take to review the Nokia Lumia 520 phone and explain how to create an account on it microsoft.

Create an account Windows Phone

As we have said, the account allows you to enjoy a variety of applications, the Microsoft account consists of a username and password, e-mail addresses, which allows to enter the following services: Xbox and Xbox Music,, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, Skype, Phone Lookup, OneDrive (formerly - SkyDrive), Office 365. Using the same account makes it possible to take full advantage of the relationship of the above services.

To create a new Nokia account on the phone Nokia Lumia 520 with Windows operating system, you need to:

  1. Select the Settings menu;
  2. Push email + accounts;
  3. Add service in the list that appears select the "Nokia account";
  4. Press the tab "Create" and enter your email address and password to it;
  5. Then click "Create" button, your account will be created and automatically stored on your phone.

Account, you can create on the official website of Nokia -