How to flash drive ?

How to flash drive ?

eyelet called software, which is the operating system of such devices as mobile phone, modem, DVD-drive, BIOS, player and much more.Also considered a firmware update file, the program for modernization.Direct software download process is also considered iOS device.flasher program (flasher) - also intended for flashing, and specifically to download the file to your device.Firmware is the software version.bin - binary file and.exe.executed much less frequently.Firmware Execution occurs for many reasons, let's try to understand why this is necessary: ​​

  • for compatibility with advanced software;
  • to adjust empowerment and device functions;
  • to improve the efficiency of performance;
  • to remove the errors and correcting software defects;
  • to change the drive ID string;
  • to install the multizone isolation bind to the region;
  • to remove riploka.

What riplok

Let's try to understand what riplok and its purpose.Riplok - a device used to lock the speed in reading are some kinds of discs.This device is devised to combat video piracy.The main purpose of riploka - do not allow to quickly copy the video.Also, this device reduces the noise when using a PC pressed DVD.In most cases, when the firmware riplok removed, which guarantees high speed to rip.But also worth remembering that riploka removal can make your drive more noisy.

How to create a backup

Consider creating backup before you flash the drive.Backup should be done to ensure that in the event of an unsuccessful firmware could return to their seats.Special programs such as Binflash used to perform backups.To perform a backup, you must run the program, making sure that the correct drive from which you intentionally make a backup.It is necessary to designate a file name for your backup, and then click "SAVE" and wait for the process to complete.

There are two types of DVD-drives: free regional protection or RPC-1 (Region Free) and drives regional protection or RPC-2 (Region Protection).To use the RPC-1 - multizatsionnogo drive, sometimes you need software to remove reference to the region.For this purpose there flashers (flashers-program), which are used for the Windows platform, and for DOS.

How to flash DVD-drive from DOS

To update the software or firmware, follow these steps:

  • insert a floppy disk in the 3.5 floppy disk drive;
  • open disk 3.5 "my computer" choosing - "format";
  • further choose the way of formatting, namely the creation of a boot disk MS DOS;
  • then press the "start formatting" - Ok.DISPLAY:

After all these steps, the following files are copied to disk.SYS EGA2.CPI EGA3.CPI EGA.CPI KEYB.COM KEYBOARD.SYS KEYBRD2.SYS KEYBRD3.SYS KEYBRD4.SYS MODE.COM.Next, you need to find the firmware for the drive.Search should begin at the manufacturer's website.Title original firmware - have the original firmware.You need to download and unzip the firmware file.The archive is usually kept:

  1. Instructions (Readme)
  2. batch file to run (UPDATE BAT.)
  3. Firmware (***** bin.)
  4. Flasher (v ***** exe..)

These files, in addition to the instructions, you need to copy to the boot floppy.Then restart your computer.

  • when rebooting is necessary to enter the Setup utility DIOS press the Delete key.
  • first boot device, install the floppy drive.
  • Then press F10.
  • After downloading prompted system A: \ & gt;- You must enter the UPDATE.BAT and press Enter.
  • Then flasher boot, and will offer you (Press any key to continue ...), that is, press any key.
  • After scanning the drive, eject the disc tray for which the software update, and the screen will display a message Over Write Flash-ROM?(Y / N).
  • need to enter is granted by the Y and then Enter will direct the drive firmware.
  • After the firmware, which lasts about two minutes, the tray closes, and the screen will flash a message to the number, and the name of the drive.When prompted, A: \ & gt;you must press the Reset on the system unit.
  • Then when you reboot again pressed key Delete.
  • first boot device is selected 1st Boot Device - HARD DRIVE (HDD).
  • F10 is pressed and saves the changes.After downloading you report a new hardware - DVD device.After that, the operating system will select their own driver for it.

How to flash DVD-drive in Windows

  • necessary to open the tray of the updated drive;
  • Start flasher example sfdnwin_3.25.4;
  • raskroyuschemsya In the list select the drive;
  • Press Download File Open;
  • Specify the location in the "Open";
  • Press the "Start Download" button.

In this article we have tried to answer the question about how to flash the DVD drive.However, we consider it necessary to warn you that if you do it yourself inexperienced user, the result can be quite unpredictable.If your drive is currently under warranty, it is best to turn to a professional service center.