As the iPad to connect to the computer?

As the iPad to connect to the computer?

iPad Each user must know how to synchronize it with the PC.To learn how to connect iPad to your computer, tell our article.

To connect the iPad to your PC, you need to have at their disposal:

  • Dock-USB cable for connection (it has a USB port at one end, and on the other - a special connector from Apple);
  • personal computer with Internet access;
  • iTunes program, which you can download from the Internet.

iPad 2 To connect to a computer, you need:

  • Start the installation (with the extension exe.) ITunes file;
  • Click "Next" and accept the license agreement;
  • Then click "Next" again and install the program, waiting for the process to complete;
  • Click "Finish".The program is installed.
  • Now connect your iPad to a PC using the cord to activate it.Do not need to press, iTunes program will automatically find the iPad.When this happens, you will see a message «iPad is turned on."That's all!

iPad synchronization with a PC

Synchronization - is the process of communication between iTunes and your tablet.This process is necessary to update the iPad software, backups, and more.There are 2 types of synchronization: You can connect your iPad to computer, WiFi and wire.Synchronization is only possible via the USB port.For Mac computers, you must have the operating system Mac OS X 10 or later.

When you connect your device to the PC all the items, respectively, in iTunes settings are automatically synchronized.Keep in mind that before the first sync requires authorization of your personal computer (or laptop) in iTunes.The account of this should be the same as for the purchase of apps for the iPad.

authorization to hold a PC you must:

  • Login to your account in the iTunes Store;
  • the menu titled "File" you need to select the authorization for this computer;
  • Then open the "review of the iPad» and see what options are available for synchronization.For each tab has its own iPad settings for synchronization.That is why the way to sync iPad with a new PC, depending on the options you want.