Edge what is it?

Edge what is it?

World Telecommunication experiencing a powerful leap forward already years, commercials, 80. With the emergence of the first means of communication passed a long time.Now, we have the opportunity not only to communicate using telephone networks, and Internet telephony, which is under an hour, much cheaper than conventional forms of communication.Of course, the least expensive kind of communication is communication with the person while talking on a space-time warp.Let's talk about new technologies.What is the edge and what it eats?So:

Edge.What it is?

edge system for the first time appeared on the spaces of North America.It was then, in 2004, the first add-on to the GSM mobile communication system, there were Americans.

What is the edge?This is a new communication system that operates in the mobile communication.It is used in GSM networks.On the edge spoken of as a digital wireless data communication system for long distances.

So, as already mentioned, edge appeared in 2004 in North America.Many operators, however, are quite skeptical about the implementation of its edge in technology communications system.Many thought in the next step of its development, the use of UMTS networks.As you work, companies providing mobile services have realized that the creation of UMTS networks - is expensive and unprofitable event, in this regard, many cellular operators have revised their position and turned to edge technology.Gradually, the influence and the use of edge extended to the European part of the world.In Russia, the operators "Big Three" have begun to use edge to the end of 2004.People began to use the edge in the phone."The big three" mobile operators includes Megafon, Beeline and MTS.

Thus, we can conclude that the development of edge technology is advancing by leaps and bounds.It is important to note that the great development in our time getting kind of connection of the third and fourth generations.For example, Apple has already released phones that work based on 4G technology, that is, the fourth-generation technologies.Speaking about the edge, we mean the type of technology 2G and 2,5G.This is the second and a second and a half generation communications.It makes no sense to mention specifically that the edge will be gradually forced out of the market.But this is a natural course of time, which requires a rapid response of manufacturers and scientists to new needs and requests from users all over the world.Despite the above listed facts, edge very tightly entrenched in the leading position among mobile technologies.Just recently there was really a powerful competitor edge, namely the Apple iPhone 3G.It quickly gained popularity among users all over the world and is growing by leaps and bounds.What will happen next?We will see very soon.