How does the air conditioner ?

How does the air conditioner ?

Air - wonderful modern device, many have become indispensable.Now there are many different types of air conditioners: freezer, fridge, air-conditioned car, an ordinary, which hangs on the wall in the office or at home.All of them in fact - the machine to cool down, and because the principle of their action is largely similar.Let's find out more about how air conditioning works.

mechanism of action of the air conditioner

Ā«Reverse Rankine cycle" - a method by which all air conditioners are working.To view air conditioning needs 4 important elements: condenser, compressor, evaporator and throttle.

compressor is powered by the electric power network, it is necessary to compress the working fluid Freon.Condenser - machine-heat exchanger is needed for condensing refrigerant.It is heat, which removes air conditioning.The throttle is required in order to throttle the chlorofluorocarbon (i.e., lower pressure).The evaporator - also-exchanger unit, but in contrast to the condenser, it allocates cold.

All of the air conditioner smoothly interact.Here's how it happens:

  1. first compressor receives electricity and using it compresses the Freon.
  2. heated and compressed Freon vapor enters the condenser, which condenses.
  3. After condensation fluid flows through the throttle enters the evaporator, which absorbs the heat.The cooled air is sent into the room.
  4. Next Freon vapor is sent back to the compressor and the cycle repeats.

That is the mechanism of the air conditioner.If the device is OK, it will cool the air quality.

How Mobile air conditioning

Mobile air conditioners can be of two types:

  • Split systems with external and internal units.External hang on a balcony or windowsill.
  • Mobile candy bars, which are connected to the street by means of a flexible duct.

Split systems

Both units are interconnected hose that contains electrocommunications and freonovodnye tube.In the rest of this air conditioner is operating as usual split-system.The advantage of the air conditioner that does not need to be installed.

Mobile monoblock

They have a connection to the street by a flexible vent that appears in the opening (window, door, the window).After the hot air duct is displayed on the street.To warm outdoor air does not penetrate into the room, many do special caps.In winter, the cap is closed and the air conditioner performs the functions of a fan heater.

Car air conditioning Car air conditioner

performs several functions: regulates the temperature, cleanliness and air circulation in the cabin.

How does the air conditioning in the car?The refrigerant (freon gas) enters the compressor, which causes it to circulate throughout the system.Further directed freon condenser located before the main radiator, where it is condensed.The coolant is sent into the evaporator where it evaporates and absorbs heat.Well, the last stage - the receiver-dryer, which dries and equalizes pressure refrigerant.

So you get clean air, and the whole process is described again.This is the principle of the automotive air conditioner.