How to update to the map navigator ?

How to update to the map navigator ?

Navigator is an indispensable device when searching for routes in unfamiliar terrain.It also helps to find the most convenient ways to travel around the city in terms of traffic jams and other situations impeding movement (road works, construction).

to display actual device information corresponding to reality, we must promptly update on the navigator map.Where

update the map in the navigator

many owners are interested in navigation, where you can update the maps.There are two ways to perform this procedure:

  • Service Center.The specialist will perform all necessary steps for loading in your model navigator fresh cards with the most complete information;
  • self-updating.To do this, you will need internet connection and some free time.


following instructions will show how at home to update navigation maps.

  1. should go to the website of the software manufacturer of your device (the official).
  2. Perform the necessary actions to register, and then enter your personal cabinet.
  3. Your device will be recognized as a new device and it will be necessary to add.To do this in the section "My device" the legality of the equipment you are using need to be confirmed by the introduction of a license key.
  4. Once your device will be recognized by the system as a registered device in front of his name will be a link to available updates.After going through it, you will find the required version of the software and new maps.
  5. select the desired file, you should proceed to their loading.Because some of them (especially the files with maps) have quite a lot of weight, 1GB or more will require a high speed internet connection.
  6. After downloading the files on their computer need to unpack.Then, connect the equipment, utilizing the included USB cable to the device.
  7. OS computer will offer to download the software and driver for the found device.If it does not, you may need to install some software from the official microsoft (for example, such as "Windows Mobile Device Center" or «Microsoft ActiveSync»).
  8. connection device can be carried out in sync with your computer or in an ordinary flash drive mode.A special role is not playing, it's important to get access to the file system navigator that contains the folder we need.
  9. The list is required to find the folder whose name matches the name of your device and copy it to your hard drive.Thus is created a backup of the data, which allows at any time recover the equipment if for any reason it will fail or new version would be broken.
  10. in this folder to delete all the files other than files and activate the registration key.
  11. then copied to the archive with a new version, if necessary, updated files containing registration key (available for download in your account).
  12. In the same way, and updated maps in a folder with the same name.Old can be copied to your computer (just in case), and then upload the new file folder with fresh cards.
  13. After all the items you need to run the Navigator.Maybe it will take longer than normal, because the new cards need to re-index.If done correctly, after problems with the operation of the device is not there, and the unit will run with new cards easily and quickly.

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